Friday, January 9, 2009

Zhaga Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhaga Falls 40 km away from the Songpan County, located in the village after the triple scenic Muni Temple trench. Into the original forest, since the post-Huanglong Temple is the only Mizoguchi Zhaga Canyon, Canyon at the end, who is known as the first Chinese travertine falls Zhaga of Great Falls. Zhaga, Shiraiwa Tibetan word for the white water. Zhaga starting point above sea level falls 32 0 meters and 93.2 meters high waterfall, 35 meters width, and height-for waterfalls. Falls are the upper reaches of the lake, the lower reaches of the river bed is a step, the water outflow from the platform to 23 meters per second, the flow rate by three-step ups and travertine, a huge impact on the Shek Pik travertine to form a huge waterfall, Savaka ten, Zhan Gulei such action, Wanmabenteng. The valley filled with water saturated with high concentration of negative oxygen ions, so that people Shen Yi-ching. Whenever the sun, magnificent rainbow, like seven-color dragon, through the clouds and fog.

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