Friday, January 9, 2009

Cangzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Jiuzhai at the international tourist area on the north side of trunk lines 100 meters away from the "Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou" backbone only 38km, from Chengdu, 240km, Lu Hua county from the 60km. Cangzhai old standing in the river Meng, Cucu linked to the floor for possession, Yishanbangshui, like in the mountains Kuwata Kate live in the world outside the Peach . In the long history of change, to create the Tibetan and Qiang cultures of the national culture, the preservation of a number of unique ancient Tibetan tradition to become the western Sichuan Plateau Mining Research on Tibetan culture, "living fossil." There are unique Tibetan architecture. Ancient times, the ancient color for Seoul to resist foreign violations, gregarious, This created a unique Tibetan residential areas. Cangzhai according to the construction of the ridge, down to style towers, stone tablets and Wong stressed mortar wall, usually three, slightly larger than the bottom, the layers Oblique, Taiwan was cylindrical, Dongnuanxialiang, connected to every household, repair Collapse rather than a century, decorated with red, yellow and white main Tibetan modified. Small families , Stepped over, criss-crossing, one of the early Pro, such as the Eight Diagrams income. Cangzhai structured as a whole, the same household, a clear stream water and wrapped with Walled floor, in the event of accident, deep, ancient channel then become the safe passage and the fight against the enemy of the important positions to form a solid defense system. House, adjacent to the possession of Li-hung, If the hope of the Kingdom of European-style castle, in the history of the building can be a way.

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