Saturday, February 28, 2009

Urban Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is located in north-west corner of Australia, is investing in the construction of City Hall in recent years, Macao's largest park, the Macao Peninsula is the largest park. Park, site of the former landfill, an area of about 70,000 square meters, the long three-meter Baijiu Shi, San Shi hundred meters wide, longer strip to the northwest. Park Landscape is divided into two parts, north-east is the Chinese design, there are man-made lake, Quqiao, pavilion, small building; is the south-west Western-style design, there are sports facilities and greenhouse. The north-east of the pavilion built on artificial hill overlooks Gongbei China; Lvwa small building walls, elegant quiet, winding Quqiao, Fun charming letter. Central Park has built into a formwork from the children's play facilities, three blocks from the tower into bars, an interesting shape. Central Park still be around as long as 500 meters of corridors, it is all in the Macao park of the longest corridors, the garden most of the landscape to connect with. Central Park in the south-west and also Package Open-air theater, stadium and back to power and greenhouse facilities. Theater can accommodate hundreds of spectators watched the show together.

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