Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wan Nishinomiya - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nishinomiya, located in the Xuanwu District Wan Bai Zhifang A on the 29th Street East, covers an area of 4.7 hectares, is Beijing's first Old Park. Wan was Nishinomiya in the Ming Dynasty temple ruins are still left over from construction of temples and tablets, in order to maintain the original ancient style, and reflects the characteristics of Old Park, Park special Open to the left of the main construction area, such as "Green Chuk Yuen" - Old Activity Center; "Qinfang Park" - Beijing customs Yun, bird watching place; "woodland health care" - places such as old age gateball . On this basis, the park also highlight the theme of recreation in the east and south of the construction of the two - Various antique-style arches, the inscription on the back of "Changle Yongkang", "Warm Life." And the construction of the "park's Minds," "open-air dance floor", "Great Lawn woodland" and "practice areas" such as scenic spots and attractions to employ calligraphy for the title of famous inscription, written in conjunction, all filled with a kind of cultural atmosphere.

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