Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Qian City alley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

City money in the alley adjacent Dashilan jewelry on the west side of town, Beijing is the narrowest alleys. Street, 55 meters long, 0.7 meters wide, with the North and the South Street building the total to nine. To do a side yard, there are half-house, next to the shop room there is a government-run Bank of the Qing Dynasty, money transactions, "money market" remains, is an early prototype of the financial markets. "Money market" and the formation of the "stove", Guan Jia furnace line that is approved by the Yinding casting workshop. Sands jewelery furnace line in the Qing Dynasty is the largest concentration of lots of money to form a city, after the furnace in line depression, money the city without the city, it turned into a silver shop, room, forming a narrow alley. South Street, four And a courtyard paved, San Heyuan covers an area of 80 square meters each, from the inscription on the door book signs of change, is a furnace line at the time, later renamed the store workshops. North Street, four are stand-alone houses, there are two-story, three-story building, originally Bank. San Heyuan structure using traditional Chinese wood - , Blocks the entrance tower, carry-beam roof, Yang Wading together, the roof is still fanlight, is a smelting furnace line Yinding the workshop, the building is in the north, two West style, bolt, Chuangtao, cornices lines parapets, such as foot and iron ornamental work Decoration, reflects the combination of Chinese and Western. The latter part of the three-story building with Chinese-style architecture, the first half of a two-Poding arbor, so Chinese and Western-style transition, the door has Danbian, the inscription "Chase Manhattan Bank." There are two-door embrace Danbian, the inscription "Wanfeng Bank." Lane is the western end of the money in the city of two rows of houses, the rise in the middle courtyard, adding five-Hill wrote the hanging roof, or on both sides of the skylight. Qian City alley The earliest existing Chinese and the most complete financial transactions; At the same time, a small piece of land to create a compact and a variety of construction of the space environment, both from a walk with one leg snapped at silly micro-fine mysterious armed Ne Tiao Yu ?? silkworm sea turtle habitat ? Wu Yun-pu-pyo Koumushada just fat?

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