Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Willy Arts Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Art is located in Xuanwu Park Cassia Cypress Street, was the old artists to get together. Green formed in 1953. Jiexin into the park. In 1983 and Jiangnan garden features like built-classical garden now. Park Chu-hung in the main entrance of the South hand-written map "Xuanwu Park Arts" He reads. Park has three parks in the Park , The largest of which is static Graceland. There are quiet Tse, Chan Ting-ming, Lotus spray pool, Lotus Bridge Ten, and there are rocks, cloud wall, Qing-chi, Tse Ting Hin Kiu embellishment During this period, Chi Pang Turkish mountains, pine and cypress cross Tsui, Xiuse Yi-ching, Ying Chi Guangshan , The southern faction in life and in the mountains of the Ya Xuan Lan, the park will be Xiuse panoramic view. Arts Park There are mountains to the Department of scenery featuring Dicui Shochiku, the Green Wave streaming audio, Tsui Ying-stack floating Lion Park area.

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