Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Former residence of Ji Xiaolan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chu City, former residence of Ji Xiaolan in the mouth, 241 West Main Street. Chu City at the mouth of the West Main Street northbound, that is, the restaurant Jinyang Department. To keep the two into the hotel courtyard, the front yard and the backyard of the rattan to spend all those years of Begonia old. In 1931, Yu Shuyan, Mei cottage in the former site of the group to do the "National Institute of Drama," "national opera Huabao She" and " Xi Chuan-show by. "Ji Xiaolan (1724-1805), were purchased, the word Xiaolan, who Xian county, Hebei. Qing scholars, men of letters. Guanzhi University co-organized with disabilities. Codification led" Si Ku Quan Shu ", wrote a volume of 200" Sikuquanshuzongmu Abstract "and" micro-cottage reading notes. " Former residence of Ji Xiaolan, there are "access to micro-cottage" is a two-courtyard, the house is a ship, then reads a letter title, "Zhou, an" F 2, and the other as an over-the Office of the house, was linked to "read Micro-cottage "important. Built in 1958 as "Jinyang restaurant." Guzhai old in a Tengluo, Begonia Tengluo in the front yard, back yard in the Begonia, large shade Guhuai there in front of every four, still flowers in May Qi-Fang, Yan Hong spit. Xuanwu District to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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