Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Li Dazhao martyrs cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Dazhao martyrs cemetery is located in the south-east of the West Beijing Fragrant Hill Cemetery Wan-an, area of 2200 square meters for the antique-style courtyard building. October 29, 1983 completed and opened to the public. Comrade Li Dazhao was one of the founders of the Communist Party of China early on the New Culture Movement in China The establishment of the party, the first KMT-CPC cooperation, have made outstanding contributions. In 1927 was killed by warlords flip. In 1933 the Chinese to be buried underground in the Wan An cemetery inside. Li Dazhao martyrs cemetery for a square courtyard, a quiet and solemn. Li Dazhao white marble statue of the martyrs 2 meters high, in Li-li Zhao martyrs and the grave of his wife, Lan Zhao should be grateful. After the tomb to 4 meters wide and 2 meters high monument. Deng Xiaoping monument engraved with the inscription positive, "the communist movement, a great Marxist, Li Dazhao Eternal glory to the martyrs." Monument to the back of the CPC Central Committee Li Dazhao martyrs is written inscription. Li Dazhao cemetery in the main hall for the strong Revolutionary deeds showroom. After the cemetery is the revolutionary deeds of Li showroom to display the relics of martyrs during his lifetime, Yi Mo and photos. The shift in the soul found in Beijing in April 1933 revolution, the group held a public funeral for Li Dazhao's tombstone is also on display here, a positive moment "of the Chinese revolutionary leader Comrade Li Dazhao Tomb." Original In the south-west of the cemetery. Liu Bannong which was written by a headstone erected in the cemetery is still on. Li Dazhao martyrs cemetery in 1984, Beijing announced unit heritage. 1986 was approved by the State Council as a key protection units of the martyrs monument. In 1992, Beijing was one of the Home Beijing named the youth education base. In 1995 was named the Ministry of Civil Affairs of patriotic education bases.

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