Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pacific Underwater World Expo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Attractions keyword: AAA-class scenic Pacific Underwater World, located in Beijing Central Radio and TV Tower, China and Singapore is a joint venture to build, more than 8000 square meters floor area. Penguin in the complex can understand the world to protect endangered animals - Rainbow's Central Penguin; in tunnel Enjoy the sea, divers to view hundreds of species of marine life to watch; in the classroom computer, visitors can operate a computer by hand, grasp the knowledge of marine life; there, and other marine life shark to show the thrills of the predator shark scenes were performing dance; there Seal performance, dynamic theater, diving equipment, knowledge and performance on In October 1998 under the Pacific Ocean World has been awarded Institute of China National Offshore "marine science education base in Beijing." October the same year, the Beijing Youth Science and Technology Museum and Pacific Underwater World, Beijing set up a joint first, "the Beijing Youth lovers of the marine science and technology club." Aquarium The total water storage is about 4000 square meters, there are hundreds of species of marine life, to the ferocious sharks, as small as the colorful coral reef fish. Salinization of fresh water aquarium using high-tech systems and undersea life support systems, the aquarium has more than 10 professional experts in aquaculture, aquarium and marine engineers biomass expert in charge of water Museum of technology and management. Aquarium of the lab technicians on a daily basis to carry out water quality analysis, scientific testing, inspection of fish diseases, so that more than 300, more than 20,000 marine fish tail here, as in the marine life in the same comfortable manner . Tunnel under the Pacific Ocean is the world's main , 80 meters long, 90 degrees to 270 degrees a closed ring in a transparent acrylic tunnel design, electrical transmission belt carrying tourists along the underwater channel through, as if the seabed in person, you do not have to walk, you can easily walk through the seabed. Cong colorful coral reefs, rare marine fish in the round-around, marine animals and plants Charming panoramic view of the landscape. Underwater World aquarium, you roam the ocean floor a dream come true. Pacific Underwater World Service is the purpose of recreation in the form of universal knowledge of marine science, to enhance people of the sea, marine conditions, the development of a proper view of the ocean so that more people understand the sea , Who love the sea, the Protection of the Marine. Address: Three-ring Road West, Beijing, China Central Radio and TV Tower on the 11th next Zip: 100036 Tel-10-6846117268461173 Fax :86-10-684611 8

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