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Central Radio and TV Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Central Radio and TV Tower, located in western Beijing San Huan Zhong Road, east of the beautiful and famous Yuyuan Tan Islands, south of the new West Railway Station, North bird's-eye view of the Summer Palace resort. Covers an area of 15.4 hectares, 405 m high tower. The world's fifth tower, the tower is one of the world association of members of the tower, is the Chinese Institute of Radio and Television Tower Members will be members of the tower is set to launch radio and television broadcasting and tourism, catering and entertainment for the whole complex. Wide bridge, square, white marble retreat to Taiwan's Huan Lang, a palace lantern-shaped tower, the Hall of Prayer for Harvest Tazuo of people streaming Lian favorite.

  Central Radio and TV Tower???????the original Design Institute 405 m high tower, at the bottom of the area of 12,143 square meters, construction area of nearly 60,000 square meters, by the trestle, back to Taiwan, Tazuo, tower, tower, the antenna mast 6 parts, the base of the tower for the two-story white marble Fence around the back of Taiwan, the very bottom of a two-story Tazuo for a variety of recreational facilities on Tazuo Step by step by the small tower, which protect the distribution of broadcast TV signals broadcast room, it is interesting due to the omission in the course of construction, pouring concrete when the shift occurred in the template, leading to the central tower about 150 meters on the north side of Tower has a small drum kits; in the back of the tower 242 meters Department has a bowl of the tower , The highest tower in Beijing's rotating restaurant and viewing platform on top is responsible for the transmission potential of the radio signal antenna.

  Central Radio and TV Tower in 1990, the main building was completed on September 30, 1992 formally completed the beginning of broadcast radio and television signals the beginning of 1994, 10 Public open sight-seeing, in October 1997 completion of the project passed inspection.

  After the mid-1990s, with the cable and satellite TV's increasingly popular in Beijing, the central television tower on the life of the people arising from the increasing role of the decline as a tourist attraction in his capacity as then Strengthened. In May 1998, in Beijing, the construction of the wave of the Atoll Reef, the television tower space at the bottom of the third to open the Beijing Aquarium - Pacific Underwater World and further highlights the tower's identity scenic spots.

  Since 1994, Chung Yeung Festival every year the week of Sunday, Beijing Education bureau in the Central Radio and TV Tower will hold the central television tower climbing competition, in accordance with the age and sex, race participants will be divided into different groups, players from the tower before landing stage, after climbing around the tower and the final 225 meters Department arrived at the end, Need to climb throughout 1484 level, Beijing is relatively influential Mass sporting events.

Tower on the 242-meter-high Hall of convective clouds, you can hold the celebration of luxury; 238 meters at the height of the open-air observation platform, look around the capital, Xiuse panoramic view of mountains and rivers; 225 meters high magnificent interior, the Office of view "Tea convective clouds," You can name tea Bird's-eye view of the new changes in the capital; 221 meters at the capital's highest revolving restaurant, take line 70 minutes, while tasting delicious cuisine, while three-dimensional panoramic view of Beijing, enjoyable. The Office of Tourism have hundreds of fine layer of CCTV and the Central TV Tower souvenirs for visitors to buy. Tazuo at 11.8 m Huanlang countries in the world there are two-story tower and the exhibition China Radio, Film and Television Exhibition, a showcase of China's Radio, Film and Television development of the history and current situation; there is a hall of East China's largest indoor colored granite stone, "Yun landscape tree." Tazuo a report of more than 200 seats are harder to receive all types of meetings There are towers inside the lounge, coffee shop for guests to rent.

Tazuo under the "Pacific Underwater World Expo" is a collection of marine science and entertainment. A spectator at the AsiaWorld-Expo a comprehensive, House for a visit, you can understand that marine life, to watch the Penguin performance, experience the undersea diving Sleep. Tazuo on the north side of the "city Sainaweier Cardin Club", for racing fans to provide the indoor arena racing, is a collection of sports, training, competition. Entertainment, dining in one of the modern new high-end entertainment. "Windmill naughty cat paradise for children" is a children's indoor entertainment world The project set up by China Central Television "windmill" program as the main line, no power to carry out a variety of physical training, with training facilities, is a children's park. The central tower of the night lighting solemn elegant, magnificent, warm a crisp, as Beijing has added more colorful the scene.

Central ?? Beijing has a broadcast tower is a symbol Minzuxingshi of modern architecture, its functions include the observation capacity of Beijing scenery, entertainment, dining, travel goods, such as the purchase. Open-air platform in the tower, and a two-story, back to Taiwan, bridge, dance hall has the characteristics of Radio, Film and Television and high-tech, high-culture entertainment, with Broadcast display halls, concert halls, Lu Xiangting, open-air cafe music, music fountain, the movie screen, high-end video games, recreation centers and many categories of high-tech entertainment.

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