Wednesday, February 25, 2009

China Rosewood Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rosewood is a growth of 100 inch of the hardwood, because of their material absolutely keep the world since ancient times been regarded as very few different materials. The so-called "Tan-inch inch of gold" and construction. For the average collector, a red sandalwood have to expect a few products, however well-known industrialist Miss Chen Lihua the other hand, has more than 1,000 such objects. As These priceless treasures on display in Beijing quietly on the eastern outskirts of a large-scale antique buildings, which is considered by experts as the book-section of a Chinese temple art Rosewood Rosewood Museum.
On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the PRC National Day, China's first largest collection set, the display to display art and red sandalwood Classical Chinese Furniture in reward a special class of private museums in Beijing, completed in the eastern suburbs. The CPPCC National Committee members, Miss Chen Lihua businessman who spent the past two billion to build China Rosewood Museum, not only to make up for the people of regret, China has filled a gap in the museum world - a few years ago, a State Administration of Cultural Heritage The experts have lamented Zhu Wen: In the western countries in a number of large museums have a special display of Chinese classical furniture exhibition in China, it is disappointing to find that only in the Shanghai Museum has a display of the Ming and Qing furniture special room.
The construction area of nearly 10,000 meters of the art of the Kingdom of red sandalwood, red sandalwood more than 100 pieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties And create new products of 1000 Rosewood fine static squat In the meantime, the general quality of silk, metallic sheen general, as well as the inherent beauty of silence here was a perfect performance

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