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Jiufeng Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiufeng Forest Park is located 30 km west of Beijing's embrace of the mountains. Even here in Southern Taihang Mountains, north of the Yanshan Mountains, as if a jewel of Xiangman Hydrangea, a tease of the two long green dragon. Jiufeng Park under the Beijing Forestry University, is on July 27, 1992 by the Ministry of Forestry -Approved, in this area of 866.67 hectares of the magic world, the ancient winding Road, the magnificent scenery of the beautiful, rich in natural beauty, attracts visitors of all, everywhere had the privilege to be able to come to visit and the people Left unforgettable impression. Jiufeng since ancient times Beijing is a famous scenic resort. For many years, the majestic peaks and rugged rocks, rare trees, exotic flowers, attracted countless poems of praise, Jiufeng everywhere have left the imprint of Chinese traditional culture. Xianfeng was founded in September of nine-year ring Tong, still maintained a pattern of the original permitted. In the Qiaoba Peak on the growth of the two huge old trees, for a pine-crested Alondra, a towering pine for the shaft, the two towering old trees that shade each other, looking as if two majestic mountain eagle, Jiufeng be named. Walled Jiufeng the early years, was once the troops Liaobing Walled one of the 72 shows the status of the importance of the mountain Jun. Jiufeng of odd, as many as the most important trees. A few steps away from the capital, there were so lush forests, amazing. More than 800 hectares of parks, green plants can be called the treasure-house, the forest cover rate is as high as 100%, green plants is a natural storage place. There are evergreen conifers in winter and spring there are a hundred In full bloom and summer shade to avoid a day, more beautiful autumn. Bohai Songtao, red maple green-chun, ginkgo, water, clothes, juniper, cedar everything; cherry, walnut, persimmon can be picked at random. Long medicinal from the mountains, Pinellia food to a small root and garlic, yellow cauliflower; watching from the use of thin-skinned wood, wood to 6 can be used in the dye madder A total of more than 1065 kinds. Jiufeng from the top of the westbound Liang Shan, is the dense forest. Chinese pine, pine, apricot, maple, oak trees, oriental arborvitae, thousands of tree, various relaxation is the garden where the funny. Through dozens of years to reach the view of the fire units on the tower more than Si Zhang. Looking a little perspective, the Green Sea Teng, the United States and its infinite. At the turn of the Four Seasons, Jiufeng like a beautiful girl want to replace their clothes. In winter, snow-covered pines Calocedrus, Mei proud smile, greeting the New Year; spring of ten flowers, peaches and plums Yan, magnolia flowers, white as snow apricot, azalea, Rhododendron convective clouds over Yan; summer , Yum vertical trees, ginkgo biloba, the ancient Song Pang and cover such as, acacia, Acacia Green constant love; in the fall, Liquidambar, Chinese Tallow little bit of crimson, torch trees, maple-storied dye to make, such as ginkgo biloba flag Gone with the Wind, Ye Luo, such as butterflies. The dense forest and multi-level forest, a wealth of changes in topography, many are precious little animals Health Paradise. Pheasant, rabbit, Gouzi, squirrels and birds in a variety of competing Hang joy ride with more than 370 kinds of insects outside. A wealth of animal and plant resources Jiufeng is a treasure, is the pride of Jiufeng. Jiufeng Park in the old age-old trees as much as amazing. Millennium trees more than 300 old trees, The protection of a home more than 20 kinds of trees, the total number of trees to protect more than 1,000 strains of trees. Magnolia trees as early as the capital of the vicissitudes of life and going through unbeaten, six of the Ginkgo biloba tree is Hebao Jiufeng a long history of such attempts. Old Puzhao Si Ginkgo live with the famous living fossil, longitudinal bark, the texture around the cord, vigorous simplicity, like Heavenly Creations. Jiufeng mountains, magnificent in a critical situation, linked to the Fengfeng, Zuo Zuo embracing, deep gully dangerous, dripping fault. From a distance, the hills and downs, like the giant Dragon Dance. The last climb, mountain Valley cover, the sky Labyrinth. Not only here to enjoy the "list of small hills," Wei dangerous, but also experience, "Hill heavy-water complex, a new vista" Qi Ye change. Jiufeng spring, the best placed. 8 Qingquan, a long continuous stream, Miantian texture, rich in trace elements. Jiufeng Mountain, is the resilience and indomitable symbol of progress. People converged from all directions to the embrace of Jiufeng, visit magnificent scenery, to experience the natural scenery, the view is not Jiufeng Climbers where the fun. Jiufeng on top, the panoramic view of old Beijing: roads criss-cross paths like, such as farmland board, in the eyes of picturesque scenery beautiful. Jiufeng view, more natural experience of the great and sacred: the dawn here, Chaoyang sky, a red sun rising ... Jiufeng rocks, can be said to be a must. Or head or lying, or Or angry or ready spirit, or cutting Fupi, Jiufeng at the foot of a huge stand in vain, as if cut off, want to dump For fall, only the toe sucker Health lizards before Deng Yang, named the stone lizards . Guanyin Dong Chaoyang in the left side, there is a huge Shu Zhang, precarious, stone next to a tree 100 years of a tree is on the verge of death This stone is named after the "gas stone tree", such as the shape of the Moon-wrapped stone, the sun shining Yingying Jinding Xiufeng, people have been embarked on the wings of reverie. Jiufeng large number of monuments, Haidian District Administration of Cultural Heritage as a key cultural unit, the list goes on and on human landscape, so that the park's natural landscape and the Humanities History closely together, have a more important value. The main attractions are: Jiufeng, Jiufeng Hill, to watch Red Zone, greenhouse, the specimen room, Temple Xiufeng, ring the temple pond, the monk tower, the Om Sin, Yang Garden, home Pui Garden, site of seismic, Guanyin Dong Chaoyang, gas Pine and Stone , Mu Chunting, Red Zone, wild , And other areas. Jiufeng seismic China's first self-built seismic station, was the world first-class seismic one of China opened up a new era in earthquake research. Temple eliminate the debt in the past, "Jing She Jiufeng in mind," Stone still; old Puzhao Si, paintings carved beams and columns, show booths Qulang still new. Probe into Xun Gu, people can Many have heard such as "turret Rokuro" moving legend. Jiufeng Qi Ye, Gao Jun, lofty, rugged, green, is to give people in all directions, overwhelming the fresh wind up analysis of the situation and dedicated years to come ... ... ... ... stay: Temple Xiufeng Reception Center (624 5812) Address: Haidian District, North-an Township Jiufeng National Forest Park traffic routes: from the Summer Palace by 346 northbound I-an Township North, that is, to the westbound 800 meters. By train from the Shijingshan, the apple orchard on the outskirts of Beijing Subway Service by direct train travel. Tel: 62455816,62455821,62459209 fare: 8 for adults, students 4 yuan

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