Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beijing Tourism agricultural land of Fairview Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Tourism agricultural land of Fairview Park, located in the Haidian District holly leaf Liaogong rural village, an area of 1800 mu, a "high-tech, high starting point, cost-effective" for the purpose of the use of modern means of science and technology in agricultural and pastoral production, the formation of modern farming, Modern farming, modern agriculture and tourism as a pillar of the three sets of large-scale industries , Into a modern commercial agricultural production base, "the State Ministry of Science and Technology Industrial agricultural demonstration base", "China Agricultural Society of agricultural industrialization demonstration base" and "Beijing intellectual characteristics of agriculture demonstration bases."


  Beijing Tourism agricultural land of Fairview Park People demonstrated in the 21st century style of modern agriculture. At present, the opening of the main tissue culture room, hydroponic vegetables and plant species has farms.

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