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????? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?????Pinggu District of Beijing is located in the village on the eastern side of black beans, 90 kilometers east of Beijing City, which Jing-dong area for the first time, named?????.

 ?????development at the Department of the Great Wall Mesoproterozoic Gaoyuzhuang dolomite formation ago about Shiwuyinian, which claims to be "the best in the world Hole. "

 ?????is climbing, rock climbing, road cycling and other sports tourism ideal place.?????development in the Mesoproterozoic, Gaoyuzhuang dolomite formation, about 15 million years ago, is currently the world's oldest found in one of the cave, which claims to be "the best in the world Hole ". 4A-class tourist attractions, is the most Pinggu tourists and tourism revenue of the highest tourist attractions.
  Inside a total length of 2,500 meters, including 100-meter waterway, is divided into eight scenic areas: Penglai fairyland, the southern spring, and so on Shuilian Dong; including dozens of landscape; lamp flame, the west wind shutter Ao-xue Kunpeng, and so on. Landscape inside the cave, crystal clear, colorful, the most spectacular is the world's first found on wall sculpture with characteristics of "Double Dragon painting." Opening up new leisure-dong, constant temperature inside the cave, Four Seasons, Dongnuanxialiang for visitors tea tasting, self-cultivation. In addition to tourist spots and also to elementary and middle school students A variety of geological science knowledge, so that those who travel to the Karst landscape of the formation of a better understanding of the structure.

  Inside a total length of 2,500 meters, the smoggy Penglai fairyland, the beautiful scenery of the southern spring, the most talented of the Assembly of Immortals Xianqi meeting, colorful Huaguo Shan.

  More amazed by the people Fire Magic Lamp west shutter, Kunpeng proud of blood inside the crystal landscape, colorful, the most spectacular in the world for the first time found that the characteristics of relief with a "dragon painted hieroglyphics" can be the only world. Four Seasons temperature inside the cave, Dongnuanxialiang is drinking, poor products, off-center support and a good place.

  Jing-dong big Tung has been a smooth access to ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification dual international.
 ?????easily accessible, outside facilities, guest houses, airports, race track, fishing pond, high-altitude cableway, mountain slide (Hill red car), Cardin , And other entertainment projects. Moreover, tourists can also take the concept of electric cars Foshan, Dongting Lake and a variety of beautiful mountain village, is also remarkable to watch all the way in Taoyuan, Xingyuan, a variety of vineyards and fruit picking, first-hand experience with the return to nature with flowers and birds for the quiet Life.

 ?????convenient accommodation, the price will be . There are a number of scenic environment of the elegant hotel, each able to accommodate 200 people dining at the same time. Folk tourist village households, the hardware facilities, service levels had reached Pinggu folk receive requirements of tourism. The type of food rich visitors can eat their own farmers planted rice, corn and fresh vegetables, raised their own Chickens, picking themselves from the wild in the mountains, but also eat the plump, "Kaoquan Yang" and "fish".

  Assembly of Immortals inside the cave at gathering good Road, the eight scenic spots, such as Shuilian Dong. Including dozens of landscape: the sacred flame Eun-joo, Stephen Sze, Ao-xue Kunpeng, and so on. Karst landscape inside the cave, crystal clear, wonderful. ?????into, like the fall of the height of summer, autumn and winter and feel the warmth of fishes. Enjoy the meantime, the mysterious quiet, no wonder King continuous, with colorful lights, sparkling, wonderful. Visitors will see it stands, into the sky every road leading to Dong Ding Yu-zhu, very angry ancestors Buddha's heaven means of gas , Named "refers to the tower of God" and other landscapes.

 ?????complete tourist facilities, race track, bungee ball, a swimming pool, fishing palace, cable cars, karting, such as the Colosseum and the aquarium. You can Cheng Xing and Wang Hailou on and watch Jinhai Hu blue waves, mountains Xiuse reward. This winter, tours of????? Ice and colorful activities of the park, a huge ice-skating rinks, the ice park, mountain tour, and other tanks for the winter you visit a new picture. Pinggu County in the suburbs of Beijing's first equity participation by the farmers managed tourist attractions.?????winter tours of the ice and the ice-rich and colorful activities of the park, a huge ice-skating rinks, the ice park, mountain Tanzania The parade, and other winter tour for you to add a new scene.

  In addition, the tour could trip End large cave to cave at large scenic spots, "Dragon Valley", "Lake water hole" a visit here Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao, Qi rocks, trees Cong-mao, the climate is cool and visually palatable .

Visitors can be more than Do the District day, three days, five tour.

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