Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baita Om Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Um tower at the Baita draw Research Institute in China. In the 1940s are here because of Om Tower and 000. Legend has it that Emperor Ming built in the "Battle of Jingnan" escaped from Nanjing, Thinning for the monk, came to Beijing later years, after the death of the Western Hills buried, and to build the mantle tower, tower falsely claimed that mantle Wen Jian tower. 25-meter high tower, in order to cover-bowl, for the single-storey tower Block indemnity, for the seat carved from the 6-Yang Lin, the shrines are surrounded by tower (the door vision), 13 days from the base built into a stone ring. To build the brick tower, part of Tasha placement of two tons of heavy copper canopy and Aquarius.

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