Friday, February 27, 2009

Lobby - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the lobby of the former, also known as the Cathedral hall or temple, has a long history. Founded in 1567, this was a small wooden building, after many years of wind and rain erosion and become dilapidated. In 1849, set the Catholic contributions to the public, re-conversion, today's appearance to take shape. In 1937, again to lobby Concrete for the construction, constitute today a magnificent grand appearance. The church is the most significant feature of the in-house assembly has rich colors of glass art as well as below-style buildings around the twin towers. All of the Australia's largest celebration of the church, will be held here. The hall is dedicated to the well-known St. Peter's. Spain religious building rich color , The purity of the magnificent appearance, internal decoration Qiao Jing Li, there have been many Catholic relics and monuments. The religious paintings such as "St. John baptized plans," "Catholics in Nagasaki, Japan was crucified map" multi-frame, and so on, are preserved in the lobby.

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