Friday, February 27, 2009

Wong Tai Sin Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sik Sik Yuen was originally called, incense is one of the most popular temples. Temple was founded in 1921, after decades of careful management, the resplendent palace as a whole, the majestic building. Temples dedicated to the Wong Tai Sin, is said to accede to the demands, and those who signed more than Dianqian in worship, near the solvability of the structure of an organization to sign, his divine God, in particular, Year's Day or during the festival, a letter of good men and women who open the floodgates special incense Wang. Park next to the temple with a small, well-designed, sophisticated refined, very scenic landscape. Flanking the Nine Dragon Wall, the Imperial Palace in Beijing and is modeled on the system. Traffic: Wong Tai Sin MTR station B2 exports, about 3 minutes to walk to.

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