Friday, February 27, 2009

San Lorenzo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Shun Feng Tong Street, San Lorenzo Church, also known as the wind letter (Feng Shun-tang), Macau is famous cathedral, a wide area. Wind letter Church was founded in 1560, several times during the renovation, which in 1618 a larger. In 1979 into the window decoration, but also to make this ancient church times Inglorious. In front of the church there are about two rows of stone steps leading directly in front of large, full style, around the Clock Tower Bingzhi, is a clock for time, is a bronze bell for the church to do when the mass shake-ming use Zhen. The roof of the church, the Chinese-style tile surface Rongji, in Guangxi have a church antique chandeliers, grand and solemn, full of decorative Color side, classical Yiqu. The opening hours of the 10:00-16: 00 (Monday - Friday) ,10:00-13: 00 (Saturday), Sundays and public holidays closed.

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