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Puji Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Puji Temple is located in Macao and the United States Fuqiang Road, Macau is one of the famous tourist attractions, and transportation to and from most of the area. Puji, also known as Kuan Yin Tong Temple is a Buddhist Temple in Macao three large-scale, long history and covers an area of broad A magnificent building. Chao Ming Dynasty, Macao is the largest and oldest Yu, one of about 360 years ago, Maung temple towering, three-in-depth, and even a few chess.
The famous Yin-tang, with the exception of its long history, is signed by China and the United States' hope 'Ha treaty. Buddhist Temple in China's ancient Buddhist Fei-building, a famous Chinese ancient temples of the characteristics of the first Buddhist Temple Main Hall is the second Hall of longevity is permitted, the back seat main hall is the Guanyin Temple. After the hospital was also broad deep garden is a large-scale, Hong Kong and Macao rare Buddhist temple complex.
Main Hall is on a Buddhist Temple, a solemn Wang Wei, Sambo 3 worship Buddha, are Zhangba Jinshen, the grand stalwart, one of which Sakyamuni Buddha, and Lotus Lantern and the Maitreya Buddha.
Dianpang hanging a bronze bell, ancient mottled colors, have three and a half-century history. Dianding the first ridge tile, glazed tile and the Ming Dynasty set with Seiko mosaic of Shek Wan dolls, lifelike, Miao Wei Xiaowei.
Hall of the permitted time is long, long life dedicated to , The serene Buddha, a symbol of the spirit of the Buddha of Universal Life. Zhudian into the Kuan Yin Temple, dedicated to Kuan Yin Tai Mid people, camphor wood sculpture. Ocean's 18 points on both sides of the Zhudian, Diaogong fine, created an air of style, which is located to the left of an Ocean's eyes float process, a high nose-long, curly hair on the temples, like most foreigners, is allegedly intended to Solomon Liweinisi people can be, he was in the Chinese Buddhist studies.
Kuan Yin Temple is a Buddhist Temple's main hall, during the birthday of Kuan Yin, a large hall incense, worshipers flocked to the scene lively.
Guanyin Dianpang a small garden around the pond in the garden there are a dozen plants, one of the growth of plants A unique state, has experienced dozens of years, bending the branches grow into a 'life' word, as long as the legend worshipers touch the word 'life' can be a long life. Into a Buddhist Temple in the ante-chamber hung a portrait, called 'laughing Buddha', in terms of the direction of the appreciation of the portrait, with the Buddha, as with all grinned and laughed.
Buddhist Temple in the collection of The more famous paintings, calligraphy, cultural relics, including Chinese and foreign be known far and wide Lingnan school of painting master is the only Guan Shanyue is a revolutionary belief, there are three major Lingnan Poets called the Yin CHEN Gong, well-known scholars such as Zhang Tai-yan, who works at the Hall of flying, For visitors to enjoy. In the hospitals Sengsheketang screen wall, gold carvings, calligraphy and sculpture, See elegant. Two screens, each engraved with four degrees set of hanging scrolls, to close Mi Fu, Dong Qichang, Liu, and other famous ancient manuscripts, carved works fine.
Into the back garden, Shizhuo Hanaoka a long four and Dan Deng, is the unequal treaties signed between China and the United States ? ? 'look' Ha treaty. In 1844, the Qing government and powerful country on decline Coveted by foreign powers, the United States, represented by Caleb, with the Qing imperial Senior Minister in the hope that Macao signing of the Treaty 'Ha, forced open Chinese ports of trade, the United States and the expansion of consular jurisdiction. In 1944, a Buddhist Temple in the rear Shi Zhuo Li Ting of a monument, the account of the matter.
In the latter Heights even in the rationale for the tree is a few hundred The tall banyan trees, Fimbristylis Meiran, Zhuangmaoguzhuo, more than Shuo Zhang. 4 stems of trees connected to form Posi giraffe. Unfortunately, withered in recent years, but remain attractive. 'Tree' rationale for even the name is intended to 'get ready in days devoted couple, even willing to branch' arguments. About this tree, spreading a sad and moving The story, the temple was built in the early days of Kuan Yin Tong, near a pair of lovers, as opposed to marriage and family Xunqing both committed suicide, buried together after the death of the Director of the rationale for even the tree tree to show steadfast love and death meant nothing.

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