Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beijing to stay private eco-farms - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To remain private eco-farm located in the southern suburbs of east Beijing's Daxing County, the land area of 2120 mu, 1,650 mu of arable land, the village is located in the Yongding River Alluvial Plain region, for the Quaternary cover areas of the south Feng River, North River to Hong Kong in accordance with feng , The low-lying, rich in underground water sources, the annual groundwater level about 1.5 meters 5 meters of drought years, but the resumption of faster, more convenient ground water. Soil organic matter content of about 1.7 percent, soil (from north to south) for the tide of sand to two parts soil, two parts of salt in the soil, Paul fertilizers ability, the climate is warm temperate sub-humid monsoon climate, the winter monsoon control of the mainland belong to the Northwest in summer Belong Southern coastal impact of the monsoon is characterized by hot and wet summer, cold and dry winter, less wind and more rain in the spring and autumn days Qishuang high, the four seasons. But the long summer and winter, spring and autumn short, light enough, the average annual sunshine duration for 2771.32N, the average temperature of 11 to remain non-ecological farms in rural areas in the suburbs of Beijing is the first into tons Village co-billion ranks of the rural village of one. Now the remaining non-ecological farms have been formed by methane as the center of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fisheries ecosystems. In order to promote a gas-centric, "Sweet green tourism" to accelerate development. Daxing district in the Inland Revenue Department through the local administration according to law, to take on-line declaration, the tax law to carry out propaganda Activities, the organization Banshui staff will be networking and other services in the form of taxes, give full play to the attention of the tax-conditioning work for economic development leverage for the Daxing district, "Sweet green tourism" development of a strong push into the agent. Daxing District to cultivate the Inland Revenue Department, with support Daxing advantage of the characteristics, "Sweet green tourism" and "Green Travel "the brand of intangible assets increased to effectively lead the Daxing tourism and related industries to speed up the development of style to create the" Golden Tax. "

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