Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beijing palace tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Geothermal World Exposition Garden Palace is located in Fengtai District, Wang palace in the town village, an area of 800 mu. The main attractions include: geothermal science exhibition center, spa special aquaculture, fishing hot springs spa center and pick cultivation base. Next Court Palace plans to use the beautiful natural environment, building geothermal ore treatment center. Palace and the village of Beijing Academy of Geological Engineering Investigation cooperation, in October 2000 successfully developed high-quality geothermal hot water. Hot Springs 2980 m depth, born 2700 tons of water, the water temperature of 72 ?, the human body is rich in a variety of useful minerals and trace elements. Professionals are hired for the Exposition Garden Well-designed using computer control and management of geothermal hot spring water, "a development, use of the echelon." First of all, high-temperature water for heating in winter, purified water used in hotels, entertainment city, hot spring water in the world and the villagers family fitness and sports, swimming and bathing, low-temperature water and then processed for special aquaculture and Fishing, the last of the cold water for agricultural irrigation of the park. By the State Department and the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources of geothermal specialists in the field to identify the "palace geothermal utilization has reached the world advanced level," palace also known as "China fever in the first village."

  Geothermal science exhibition center construction area of 300 m2, a layer of the workshop is to deal with hot water and green agricultural supermarket, two-story full advantage of modern sound, light, electricity and domestic technology around the world in low-temperature geothermal application of the display, oriented to primary and secondary school students and the general public popularity of geothermal knowledge ; At the same time, two-story visitors also set up a set break, video, medical Integrated communications functions of the visitor center.

Aquaculture Centers in Hot Springs special floor area 5000m2, a total of four indoor and two outdoor hot spring culture workshop was mainly carried out, special, superior, aquatic products and new tropical ornamental fish breeding and seed breeding adults.

Wen Fishing Center area 12000m2, a five ordinary fishing pond, two high-end fishing pond at the same time with domestic touch of rare fish and the fish pond of a fork, and for children with a goldfish pond fishing; VIP Lounge and The establishment lounges general, on the second floor, as well as catering services are greatly facilitate Angling customers and tourists.

Hot pick cultivation base covers an area of 350 acres, mainly for special planting flowers and vegetables and a variety of seasonal fruit picking, the garden is full of rich flavor; and 20,000 square meters of greenhouse to build smart, rich base for the overall function.

Plan The geothermal mineral-based treatment center, will be widely used at home and abroad geothermal hot spring a new form of fitness, new ways to carry out fitness spa, spa treatment and mineral hot springs, and so on medication variety of sports and recreational projects.


Taking an overall view of Exposition Garden, both participatory and entertainment attractions, and music-program-controlled fountain, large-scale On behalf of the sculptures, colorful lighting in one spot to watch; coupled with the beautiful background music, like a fairyland again.

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