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Phoenix - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fenghuang County, Hunan Province, located in the western edge of the county with a total area of 1751.10 square kilometers, 66 kilometers long from north to south, east 50 km wide, and throughout the town of zoned 9 Township 22, and 344 administrative villages. By the end of 1998 the total county population of 358,000, of which, agricultural population, 322,100 people 237,400 ethnic minority people, accounting for the total population of 66.32 percent, is a multi-ethnic Miao mainly inhabited by mountain districts and counties. The whole county is in sub-tropical moist monsoon climate zone, four seasons, mild climate, the average rainfall for many years 1308.1 mm, the average annual sunshine is 1266.3 hours The average annual temperature is 15.9 � C. Pearl Zhangjiajie scenic south county 200 km north of the city of Huaihua railway transport hub 90 km east of the new Phoenix Chi Liu railway station, 209 national highway, provincial highway wearing throughout 1867 and, as the border of Hunan and Guizhou Economic and Trade meeting point.
  Fenghuang county has a long history, Tang three-Chuigong County that set the beginning of the Qing Emperor Kangxi of the Office for 39 years, named Phoenix Office, the Office of governance pole in the town located in the town (now the town of Tuojiang). Jiaqing 2002 (1797) or scattered to the Office of the Office of Zhili. In 2002 the county changed, Fenghuang County, said Xiang Yan so far. Renjiedeling Fenghuang County, was the first prime minister of internal House Xiong Xiling, On behalf of the well-known writer, Shen from the material and cultural historian, renowned at home and abroad well-known artist Huang Yongyu.
  Zhong Ling Yuk Sau Phoenix, is rich in natural resources. At the end of 1998 there are 349.45 square kilometers of cultivated land, of the total land area of 19.96 percent, per capita arable land of about 1 acre. Lin area , Woodland 998.67 square kilometers, of the total land area of 57.03 percent, Yi Mu 113.8 million mu of grassland, the theory of carrying capacity nearly 100,000 cattle units. County water reserves of 36,400 kilowatts, the size of 156 River, the total length of 709 km, the largest long Tuojiang River 9 .9 Km basin with an area of 732.42 square kilometers, the average flow of 11.89 cubic meters /second, 533 meters of natural difference. County Changtan Kong medium-sized hydropower stations have an installed capacity of 12,000 kilowatts, there are 92 small and medium-sized reservoir. Rich mineral resources. Currently, proven open for There's a natural diamond, mercury, lead and zinc, cement, limestone, anthracite, coal stone, marble, silica, 35 kinds of minerals such as antimony, mercury deposits in the nation's fourth largest lead and zinc reserves in the province's second home. Zhu Jiang county rich in beans, corn, tea, tea tung, raw lacquer and citrus, chestnut, kiwi, Phellodendron, Chung, red sun-cured tobacco, as well as mountain range.
  Historical sites spread all over the territory, there are provincial-level scenic spots around, that was built in the Tang Dynasty Chuigong?????years, the cave as wonder of Qiliang Dong, cornices of the old buildings brackets Chaoyang Palace, former residence of Shen-wen. 2 nature reserve, that is, the state-level South China Forest Park, the provincial-level nature reserve at both ends of sheep. County building flavor, the North Gate, East Gate House, the ancient city, Tuojiang River Diaojiao Lou unique, and cornices that fight Wanshou Palace Kok, Tai Shing Temple, the Temple days, ya Chang Court, Tower million, constitute a beautiful picture , Known as "China's most beautiful town" And "rural painting."

If you would like to have witnessed the true western Hunan style, you have no choice but to the Phoenix (also known as the town of Tuojiang) a trip. Phoenix is the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of the Fenghuang county, which are built next to Tuojiang, legs hanging filled with Mulou hillside. Here is a literary master of the home of Shen Congwen He was in the "Border Town" had described it in simple and charming style.

Phoenix never Eight: 1. Tuojiang side of the river, as well as farms and destroyed the woman's clothes. 2. Sandy's Diaojiao Lou. 3. North River outside edge of the seat open-air meal. 4. Nurtured from Shen, Huang Yongyu's primary Wenchang Pavilion. 5. Yellow silk The ancient city. 6. Confucian Temple, the Temple III, Temple, Wenchang Pavilion, the city penholder, check the map can be found. 7. Huang Yongyu the inscription barber shop, a master of manipulation skills, Stiff Neck autocratic rule. 8. Ancient stage is to meet local artists.

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