Monday, January 19, 2009

On the green treasure-house of ? ? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan, located in the northern end of the Ice Mountain, owned water downstream. The county with a total area of 4950 square kilometers with a total population of 920,000. County-based East Town and county jurisdiction in 29 townships in Hunan Province is well-known mountain counties, old revolutionary base areas and Zhexi hydropower reservoir area.
Anhua County is rich in resources. County forest cover up to 57% Live tree volume amounted to 80,000,000 cubic meters; rich tea, brown-on-chip, oranges, herbs, edible fungus, and so on, a wide variety of wildlife; antimony, manganese, granite, and other rich reserves; hydropower resources, has an annual generation capacity 420,000 kilowatts of hydropower Zhexi, located in the territory; Xiangqian railway across the county level mouth, lights In the town. Zhexi area of 258 square kilometers in the reservoir area, the set mountain, water, the island in a library, the natural landscape with a quiet, show-hung, risk characteristics, is a natural tourism, summer resort.

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