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Former Residence of Qi Baishi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi (1863 -1957), Xiangtan, Hunan, Chinese painting masters. Chi-chun was originally called, the word Wei-ching, was renamed after Juan, near the words of Health, Whitehead, and other Shan Yin Hall, by the master, sending the elderly, such as ping. China's modern art and cultural history of distinguished painter, calligrapher and seal home. Beijing was Guoliyizhuan Award, an honorary professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Art, honorary president of Beijing, the Chinese Artists Association.

In 1953, the Ministry of Culture awarded him the "People's Artist," the glorious title; won the 1955 World Peace Council annual Gold Award for international peace. 1963 is listed as the world's Of famous people. House is currently focused on the protection of cultural relics in Beijing. Qi?????tomb is located in the rural village southwest Weigong. Li Kuchan inscription by the book.

Qi Baishi's former home is located in Xiangtan County, apricots Puxiang dock. Late Qing Dynasty architecture, covers an area of 200 square meters for a two-cross the walls of the three huts, after the Be converted. Xiangtan County, for the protection unit.

Former Residence was built in Xianfeng, an area of 200 square meters, brick, was a two horizontal walls 3 each cottage is now a for-4 common cross-tile-roofed house. Qi formerly known as Chi-chun, the word Wei-ching, was renamed after Juan, near the word out, White , Alias Hill by Yin main hall, sending the elderly, such as ping. His poor family learned at a young age, carpentry, mason to the artists, celebrities, has gone through 80 difficult years of artistic career. He is good at flowers, birds, fish and shrimp and stone of Painting, calligraphy, painting and calligraphy in the global community famous. World Peace Council in 1963 will be Whitehead as one of the world's cultural celebrities.
In January 1996, Whitehead's former home was identified as "key cultural units in Hunan Province."

Looking from the outside, this is a very common farm structures in the South, for the adobe walls, thatch roof covered, the former residence of 9 room, is the central room Qi The main places of work and rest, a carpenter from Qi limner to do, where he became the studio.
  Qi Baishi "Whitehead a little like" referred to, then their lack of means, he will then need to juvenile cattle, wood, fish and shrimp fishing, leisure time reading it to paint, thick books are often hung on the horns on. Slightly larger, the father Xue Workers, as a result of exquisite workmanship, we were affectionately known as "Chi carpenter," Qi in the youth to stay home a lot of carpentry work.

  Tong star near the village of Yin Yin Hall was built in 1909, with Xilou hall, pillars, cornices, as well as all Xiang An exquisite wood carving, Hall outside the gallery on the four pillars of the fan-shaped wooden Jinping particularly exciting, the theme is the way urchin, high-Feng Qi Wu, Songhe Yannian, Taibai poem, despite wind and rain centuries, still life.

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