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Chao Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chao Shan is located in Xiangtan City, 20 km north-east of the Xiang River on the east coast. For Changsha, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou city at the junction of three. Legend has it that Wang Nan Zheng Zhou Zhao At this point, named. Qing Emperor Qianlong, "Chi Changsha House" set: "Xiu Xiang from shore, ran very large Tsui, different rocks water, e-Wei Lu, and the potential flying, had his boat, often see-you-stone windows, climbing to see Mo . "The Peak of the original buildings such as the morning sun temple, the red tile canopy, towering old trees, next to Zhao Tan, unpredictable. Late Ming Wang Fu-zhi," Zhao Shandong Province alone Tsui word "also" sunset days of low-shore Xiang Yao, Ying Serai head onions, independent small-Feng Cang, is to get rid zhao WANG South Road, resentment and air flow Tam delicate wave "of the sentence.

WITNESS WHEREOF, the Hill Not high, 185 meters above sea level, it is old, "Xiaoxiang Eight", since ancient times, Mi Fu, Wang Chuan-shan, and so on, a lot of famous people Tiyong. It is said that Wang Nan Zheng Zhou Zhao pretty state has been hit here, the results fell below drown in pools, so called Chao Shan. This may imply that the area was a clash of civilizations However, the mountains and wander along the ancient emperors always a bad habits, it's boring. Two others will legends much more interesting. One is, "Zhao" and "trick" is a homonym, with Italy's calling, so the mountain is always to stay away from their homes in Hunan were calling home as soon as possible - "there is Zhao Xiang Shan, son of passenger travel is not music for a long time " Hunan people went to other provinces, whether business or tourism, and so on, once done, it will be in the Ming Mingzhong the mountain's calling, day and night to Jiancheng quickly ran back.

  There is also a legend found Mr. Yan Guaiyu "U Cheng Nga Chap Xiangtan to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Story": "By the Chao Shan, Zhou Xiang home Sitting alongside the vessel itself to self-interest: 'women in general Chao Shan! Chao Shan good beautiful! 'Chen said:' The week Mrs. General Chao Shan! Zhao Shan's good fat! 'Zhou Xiang's family said:' I am also Chao Shan fat! 'In fact, as she is not fat, Chao Shan is not as thin ... ... "- is beautiful vegetation and human interaction, Into one, this view might be really good
  Spring and Autumn Period, Zhou Zhao Wang Xiangjiang Shuaibing attack by the resistance Chu, Chu adhesive with the people of their ship crossing the river, river boat to the plastic of the Chuan Chen, zhao WANG drowned in the Xiang River, River from the mountains Chao named after the Hill.

  Chao Shan earthquake fame Benefit from the Northern Song Dynasty famous painting home a pair of Mi Fu's painting "City Seiran map", Mi Fu legend here, is here to admire the scenery, improvisation are ready, "Hill City Seiran" plans, and equipped with Shi Yishou : "The indiscriminate air-Feng Cui Qing still wet, mountain near the city of wrong-lan sleep away. Faso Kan Wei Han was drunk, Jiuqi are not required to move." Zhao wrote to do the Hill City-lan's pretty clear that the painting of the Chao Shan blue misty rain, the skies Long Tsui made vivid descriptions from Hill Chao is listed as "Eight Xiaoxiang". Changsha to the late Ming Wang Fuzhi Yuelu Academy of Health had only outing this point, the Chao Yung-shan was the excellent work: "Since the Bi Zhong Gu Shi, Chunhua For deep red, Cheng Tan condensate win a hand, at the end of a two-yun . "

  Zhao Shan, Jun Shan, Shui Sau, the odd holes, the United States and beach. "Book FANG Dian-level integration," Zhao on the steep hill made a perfect description: Zhao Mountain "and Ben ridges, the show from shore Xiang, Li Pavilion Ran Cui, Bang Bo rocks, different wood floor Yam, Yan Wei Lu and E No dumping off the force, had his boat, faintly see Yong Yan Window, see Mo and climbing. "Chao Feng-shan carry Hill, Tiger Hill in one shape, the mountain pine wide-sik, tea, Parkinson's, bamboo, Kam-Shopping Pinnacle vitality. Zhao Longdong the foot of the mountains, the big hole on the sets of holes, 48 of the door said that so far no one came Over at the end. Chao Lake is one of the Xiang River in pit, "Shui Jing Zhu" set: its not deep , In particular the water to green. Zhao Hill opposite the white sandy beaches, clear-fine sand, called for the North Sea inland Yintan.
  Zhao Shan Shan Zhao top of the temple there are a thousand years of history, to give people a sense of quiet elegant vacant. Yong Monastery was built in the Tang dynasty, the Qing Emperor Qianlong 23 years (1758 AD) rehabilitation of purchase, with Emperor Xuan Palace, King Palace, Kwun Yam Temple, Kwun Tong, customs, such as Temple, the abbot monk, incense-filled throughout the year, Zhong Qing voices, and the rolling Piedmont Xiangshui, mallard duck mountain of smoke into the corresponding interest.
Living legend, the temple is Nanyue Sheng Di's brother Tai Yuen. Emperor Xuan of magic Shengdi not so high, To worship those who did not so much, but the Emperor Xuan do not care, and always treat people with Hee and the spring winds visitors past the physical and psychological make their minds at ease. So come to play Chao Shan visitors, no matter how bad mood, I think they feel the mountains. Min Yan said: "There Zhao Xiang Shan, son of non-passenger Le Travel" It is because of Emperor Xuan here affectionately call constantly wandering.
Yi Liuri in September 1917, the first teacher in Hunan to study Mao Zedong's kai Zhang Xinmin Society Kundi, Peng is thick Social Survey conducted from Changsha to walk Chao Shan, and in the Xiang River in the Piedmont swimming, spend the night at night Chao Shan Monastery.

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