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Mao Zedong Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mao Zedong's former residence of Mao Zedong Memorial is located about 500 meters on the west side of the ridge above the layer stack Hill, the first Memorial to be known as the "Garden of Mao Zedong on the road." Garden is clear that the idea has been in many big cities nationwide, "Window of the World," a miniature landscape of the Enlightenment, the whole Garden took only one year, by the end of 1995, covers an area of 200,000 square meters, nearly the size of construction, set to commemorate, education, sightseeing and other functions of the Garden will be displayed to the world.
Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial will feature the largest commemorative copy resides in kind, so that people in the park are feeling the history of the process. There are two Garden entrance, that is, South And the East Gate, South Gate by the former residence of Mao Zedong before the passage of a natural extension of the public and pass the bridge, cross-Shao River, around the mouth Shaoshan, the bridge between the mouth and a block of St. Paul the style of the ancients to guide tourists to the North, which was very much in line with Mao Zedong by the North-South On the journey.
By the south gate into the Garden through a magnificent towering entrance tower, positive First baseman is the ancient Great Wall, a symbol of a great man Mao Zedong's national soul. Along the road, up the steps, but see in front of high rock stands on a magnificent building, that is, the spirit of the garden: Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Hall. Memorial Park for the whole of the main building, former residence and echoed, covers an area of 5000 square meters, construction area of 1300 Meters. Building the traditional-style temples, white Fenqiang, Qingwa Glass, both Gao and majestic, Shaoshan and residential characteristics.
Memorial Hall complex by the front entrance, the main building and the mountain landscape composition. Entrance to pay respects to the former front yard, sitting distribution. Before and after the main construction for the Office and the Office of the side and take Surrounded inside the house-building, the indoor exhibition of Mao Zedong during the brief life, there is room after Mao Zedong and six relatives of white marble sculpture. On the right side of the door along the small road, the Mao may be the way of life in the order to appreciate the various attractions representative of the period.
First of all, is a pair of flowers and trees stand in the first of Hunan Normal Pavilion, followed by a Chinese venue: South Lake. Park with a lake cruise. Followed by the former site of the Qingshui Tang, Wuchang embankment Du Fu, 41, Jinggangshan 1.80 Maoping House, the monument Yangjie, Ruijin sweet wells, the park's second-largest building - the former site of the Zunyi Meeting. Ruijin and Zunyi Meeting wells in the valley, suggesting Mao The leadership of the revolutionary cause will be the climax to a low ebb.
Garden is the highest and the Yan'an Pagoda in Yan'an cave. In addition to the Garden with a copy of Mao's life associated with the most monuments, but also to configure a number of recreational facilities, Yu to "hard predecessors, future generations to enjoy life," the park some of the myths and legends form, but also reflects the gross East both realism and romanticism of personal qualities.

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