Monday, January 19, 2009

????? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the county seat 30 kilometers due west, then to?????. This ranked the city of Hunan and Guizhou border hub of a wide terrain, there is Seven Mile East of pharynx and larynx red outlined in the south pavilion are related risk, the West has long firmly on the side of the wall, there are mountains north of the barrier deep. Boarded the port city, a bird's eye view Barry, wild mountains, panoramic view. Well be described as "into the attack may be, may refuse to observe," is hung on the pole in the western town of a major city. This city was founded in 2002 Chuigong the Tang Dynasty (686) for 000 counties Weiyang, Gar Hing Fung Wong Shan in three years, changed its name to Camp Phoenix. 39 Qing Emperor Kangxi (1700) move along the county building in the town pole in the town, this city has been unmanning to suppress Miller Yi disaffection.

?????, five-foot high-Yi Zhang, the city Jiuchi thick, 500-meter perimeter, an area of more than 60 acres. East 150 meters wide, 230 meters long from north to south. Kai Shing three, East said, "and the Fertility door," West said, "is indeed the door," North said, "Sunlight Gate", each of the door are There's ancient city gate tower.

The ancient city of unique architecture, which uses local natives to build skills and estates court Craftsmanship, with solid rustic features. Green limestone material, resistant to cold temperature wave, a solid firm. Stone materials are carefully selected, balanced inch thick, fine stone surface drilling Cutting, uniform. Technology is also very particular about masonry and stone between the glutinous rice mixed with lime, filling adhesive, so that the seam block in just soft, wet and dry years without worry, irresistible. Zhuidiejianduo, magnificent momentum.

Because of disrepair, the East Gate tower collapse. Since 1986, the province set aside County Repair section, cornices Qiaojiao tower, opposite the Iron Horse Fei Jia aqueduct, drainage Flows; vertical and horizontal criss-cross paths, small mountains, the smoke curl upwards, Pianpian white clouds, ancient and modern architecture matched cross-hui, the more beautiful and enchanting.?????, thousands of years, after a number of ups and downs, still stand tall, at the top border of Hunan and Guizhou, flash Of the working people of the wisdom of the light. It is the art of the ancient castle building, research the history of the ancient city of Phoenix is the value of the province has been included in one of the key cultural unit. In recent years, attracted many famous Chinese and foreign-related visit to the city.

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