Monday, January 19, 2009

Seoul Prince Hill Plateau Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seoul Prince Hill Plateau is located in Fenghuang County in the northwest mesa, is an extension of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with a total area of 333.23 square kilometers, about 800m in above sea level in general, the flat terrain, the platform said. Mesa edge of the La-mt above sea level 1200m, is Taiwan's highest peak on the ground. County is the platform of regional cold weather Change in the number of days of rain, freezing over a long period, the average annual temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, and frost in the early period of snow over southeastern County as early as 20 days or so.

La-mt high altitude platform is a natural zoo, rabbits, pigs, and Ye Yang, a monkey West Hawk, Eagle Rock, the golden rooster, deer, muntjac, musk deer, fox, and other birds Animals; La-altitude platform, mt is a natural herbal library room, rich Tianma, Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, lanceolata, an arrow, a yellow flower, and continued off, the snow lotus, and other precious herbs.

La mesa mt who is the ancient Hunan and Guizhou, Sichuan (Chongqing) and Miao people living in border areas of core areas in southern China's Great Wall To play here for the main scope of the defense; go down in history "long war in the Qing Dynasty," Qian Miao people's uprising here lit fuse. The Miao people here still retain a stubborn dead-simple and rough, and Jiwuruchou bold, hard-working strong-hung tough more primitive features. In feudal times, they were one-order rule Zheng Chao cruel, time and again as well as opening up to the indomitable struggle, the war has not submerged to their follow-up Qianpu figure; difficulties in the lives of the poor has never been unable to suppress them live in the vast You Yuan-Taiwan high-thick on the ground he raised the V, Miller loud and clear melodious song; wine bar, Song of the highway to the most primitive way forward Are sincere friends of the magnanimous feelings; Miller Flower Drum, most Leaves song of the wild Yiyun full deduction for their romantic vision of a better life.

Now, La-mt high altitude platform grass is greener, more secluded Lin, the sky bluer, the more the United States, has become a national treasure tourism and customs; the unique Miaojia Diaojiao Lou, Qu picturesque stone path, a step King, beautiful, very pleasant side stream; specialty Boletus, bacon, sour fish, tofu dishes, corn, and so on shochu, color, smell and taste English is tourism Those who will never forget the taste.

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