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Walled area Fortunearia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Walled Fortunearia area is a typical Danxia Yixian Tian community, more than 20 different patterns of spots are ready for a wonderful natural picture.
Diaolianghuadong it into the gate-tower rising Eun-joo came to the booth, the eye is a cliff Fei Xie Eun-joo; suspected Galaxy off nine days of momentum. Mandarin's Pavilion The ancients thought, do not You Ziwei in their hearts. Eun-off rock climbing ladder came to the Chutian kiosks, up to 238.8 meters across, 0.5 meters wide, 120 m high-best in the world's Lane, the only deep tunnel, steep cliffs, noon direct sunlight, Lane wall Yi Yi Sheng-hui , Called wonders of the world. There's the Qing Dynasty stationed Yijun Site, the military uprising of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Yi Wang Shi Dakai who had Shuaibingtunyu here. Stone Lane into the ring around the peak of the cycle of Horseshoe Lane, the case of Sally Lane, Bamboo Lane, and other favorite people to linger; get on ladder climbing, there is much room for nine days on the package on the sigh! Criss-cross the valley, if it wins the maze gossip fans Monkey Valley, according to legend was 100 Lost monkey in the back hard and got its name. Walled Lake Fortunearia days at the top, is a natural reservoir, the bottom has a clear head, all the year round inexhaustible, as if the Jade Pool in Wonderland; came to the floor, seven-day Tibet, from the "Wangjiang House," "Lou Wailou" Viewing Point Jiang, the Meteorology Series, panoramic view.
Fortunearia scenic spots is zhai 1993 1 On the development of the south to Guilin, Guangxi from the 1864 line across the foot of a mountain, the traffic is convenient. Walled Fortunearia Geopark is the most magical one of the area, there are more than 10 attractions, the best in the world Lane, the case of Sally Lane, possession of day-dong, the lion Um, lofty cliffs, Chai Yi-jun, bridges immortal. Tianyi and Lane said it is not " Code to make it. "
In the Walled Fortunearia, there are a number of Yixian Tian, such as Horseshoe Lane, get on ladder, the case of Sally Lane, and so on. Sally Lane was once legendary, according to legend was the rate of Shida Kai troops here to fight, and lost all of a sudden, a few days later, Xing Yu, a expert advice before a Hill. Lane 178 meters long, 2.1 wide , Lane to peak at the end of the wall 60 meters high, north-south, straight and wide roadway along the alley at the end of a direct route to the top of Walled Fortunearia, Rishangsangan every time, the sun shines into this lane, as the sun Department of white mist Sasa Durian , Jimu looking to form a clear yin and yang, black and white perversion of the natural wonders.
In the Walled Fortunearia top Zhai Men 3, we can see, this Walled also known as the "Chai Yi-Jun." It is said was built by the Department of Shida Kai. In 1994, the new county in the rehabilitation of Walled Yijun, was also discovered at that time Yijun used machetes, spears and women's dressing box. Zhai Qian has a stone root of the tree slang, Suisui year after year, even if exposed to the elements, The growth of perseverance. Walled top-standing view, but see cliffs, layers of terraced fields, such as vehicle and ants. Listening carefully, Dong Dong Fang Ruo war, has kept shouting.
Walled in Bamboo Lane is a quiet place, Tsui Chuk Leverage lane, trim or put up or bending down, different mind. Xiang Li on the package Ladder, still roam the ground floor of the Bagua Zhen in seven years.
In the Walled Fortunearia area, there are also many attractions being developed, such as the Department of Shida Kai was taking water, which is a 89 acre natural pool of water, Wu Li at the top of the mountains, Zhang Xu water depth, bottom clear. Shida Kai Department stationed here, the Qing lost in a fog Trapped in an attempt to starve to death Yijun, Kesi in the mountains, did not expect, Yijun from the Tianchi Lake will be a grasp of live fish from the hills Shuaichu, Qing turn, had no choice but to withdraw troops. Tianchi in the vicinity, there is a hole Xianfeng, Emperor Xianfeng said to have passed by here, operating in the day, dump heavy rain, Emperor Xianfeng shelter in a hurry hole, hole Shek Pik on the far left is still "Emperor Xianfeng".

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