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Loudi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Loudi City, located in the central Hunan Province, was Loudi area. In January 1999, the State Council's approval to remove the Loudi area, the establishment of Loudi prefecture-level city, district Louxing jurisdiction, Lengshuijiang City, Lianyuan City, and two peaks, Xinhua County, the second with a total area of 8117 square kilometers, the population of 4,000,000, Hunan is the transport hub, and workers in Hunan Province City, urban national forest.

Loudi the entire territory of East low-lying West High, was the ladder-like tilt. Xinhua County in the western, Lengshuijiang City, Lianyuan City, Hunan is the southwestern area, because of strong, he said mountains; in the eastern city of Lianyuan, the eastern district Louxing, bimodal Gordon is in the hilly region, the terrain has been gradually reduced, gently undulating terrain, hilly stretches, spacious flat. Mountains territory of China, the peaks and downs, peaks towering hundreds of large and small. Xuefeng Mountains of western New Windmill Lane west wind entry ramp through the Northwest, the branch of the main Yongsan day, Tong Fengshan, Jiashan from ancient Taishan, Feng Hill, Bear Mountain and the territory of Lengshuijiang founder of the ridge, and so on; are located in the south-east of the Shuangfeng Xian Gubongsan, Mountain is one of the 72 peaks, two peaks, the two counties of Hengyang natural dividing line; the north-west is the snow Yu Mo-san, to the Lianyuan into the West from white Chushan, Hongjiadu east to the mountains, winding through ups and downs, the rise amid overlap, the highest peak Shan Sub-Lianyuan for Ningxiang and natural Chiang; in the central mountain range along the Yongsan, the main peaks have Yongsan, Shi Ping Shan, Yang Shan materials, such as fairy Walled, bending fell more than 40 kilometers. An average of 170 meters above sea level in the region, Xinhua Jiulong Chi is the highest point, 1622 meters above sea level; is the lowest point in two peaks of Jiangkou Canyon, elevation 6 M, 1558 m difference between the two.

Loudi in the territory, many mountains, hilly, stream flow at great speed, over river, a complete water system, with plenty of water. The city's major rivers are: the eastern part of Lianshui, a major tributary of the middle reaches of the Xiang River, from the new Yin Shao Shan, from west to east, flows through City, district Louxing, Shuangfeng Xian, Xiangxiang to the mouth into the Xiangjiang River in Xiangtan County, a total length of 85.85 km in the territory, along the water satisfied Sun, Mei Jiang, 1-4, and other water-level measuring tributaries 89, 3906 to control drainage area Square kilometers. Western-funded water from south to north, running through Lengshuijiang, Xinhua. -An after-Zhexi Yiyang over into the Dongting Lake, runs through the western half of the territory, 112 kilometers process in the region, 1-4 tributary of the 100-level, control basin area of 3985 square kilometers. The better the water quality of rivers in the region, PH value in the normal range, the total amount of ions is not high, medium salinity, suitable for industrial and agricultural production and people Live. The average rainfall in the region in 1406 mm, the total precipitation 11,395,000,000 cubic meters, and over the mountains in the western hills in the eastern plains, direct the formation of surface water resources 3,887,000,000 cubic meters. Outside is rich in water resources, a total of 13,342,000,000 cubic meters, mainly in the west, control the use of ; The eastern part of Hong Kong is not more water but better use. Ground water in an average of 2,160,000,000 cubic meters, an average annual runoff 2,135,000,000 cubic meters, mainly published in the North, East, South, the water theory reserves of 325,000 kilowatts, which could be the development and utilization of 142,600 kilowatts. At present, Preparation of artificial breeding of water surface of 18 hectares.

Loudi is in continental sub-tropical moist monsoon climate zone. Rich in calories, suitable temperature, the four seasons: winter less cold, summer heat more, warm sunny autumn, into a rainy late spring and early summer floods, early autumn weather more than the height of summer drought. The average annual gas 16-17.3 ?. The average annual sunshine time 1538 hours, more than the eastern part of the western region. 268 day frost-free period. On the high side due to rain, the wet weight of soil, mostly red, yellow soil have followed, such as yellow cinnamon soil. Land resources advantage of the low elevation, soil, hilly valley plains are relatively concentrated distribution, enabling The development of agriculture and urban construction; mountainous area, suitable for forestry development.
Loudi City, from 83 km to the south-west line, it is up Lengshuijiang City. Hing township in the suburbs with a giant wave on hole cave, inside the cave, there are 27 rooms, a total length of 5.4 kilometers, the area around 40,000 square meters. Inside colored milk Kushiro Zi attitudes, so that visitors stunning, drama, "Journey to the West" has been here for location shooting.

Second only to water Loudi Prefecture, on the outskirts of the temple area, 45 square kilometers of water surface, the water there are 34 small islands, visitors can visit one of boating, or other such as dragon boat was crossing, the motor , And other water sports, the lake of niches pottery school and rock Teana also available to visitors.
Loudi rich in mineral resources, has long been known as the world's antimony all, and baili sea coal town reputation as a non-ferrous metals. Proved for the exploitation of mineral deposits up to 48, and the large reserves, high grade. Antimony ore reserves, which tops the world Home province's coal reserves in the second, gypsum, graphite, barite, marble, and other non-metallic mineral deposits in the country until the top of Hunan.

Loudi and strategic location, easily accessible, Hunan since ancient times is a major strategic spots around the North-South and east-west thoroughfare to be consistent. Qian, Shao Lou railway intersection at this time. State Road 207, with 320 national highway will be built soon Luo (Shenyang) Cham (Jiang's) Railway, on the (sea) Rui (Li), Tam (Xiangtan) Shao (Shaoyang) highway running through Loudi, so that China's central Hunan Loudi major Transport hub and material distribution center. Loudi rapid economic and social development, improving the investment environment. Since the 1990s, Loudi industry from small to large and from weak to strong, the formation of a metallurgical, building materials, coal, chemical, electrical, mechanical as the backbone of a complete range of industrial system. Agriculture is by the traditional large-scale, intensive Changes in the business of modern agriculture. In recent years, Loudi city to increase infrastructure construction, the construction of the Nissan 200,000 tons of water Loudi Second, the 500,000-volt substation ultra-high pressure in the second coal-plant sources, such as a large number of infrastructure, the construction of a highway Lou Lian , Opened a 150,000 program-controlled telephones, and the establishment of a global Lou plating Information Network. Lou plating as the National Urban Forest City, becoming more rational layout of the municipal, city landscape with each passing day, constantly optimize the economic environment. Science and technology, education, culture, health, sports and other undertakings.

Loudi City, a district under the jurisdiction of the Second City County, two from the original Shao By the division of the city, before that, they have been attached to the establishment and with the history and the repeated changes in wind and rain. Especially in Xinhua County, its establishment is more complex and tortuous process, rather legendary.

Loudi area was of mixed ethnic minorities, according to legend ancestors are descendants of Pangu, is a three-Miao, Group Lebanon, from the Five Emperors of Zhuan Xu. In a long historical period, and the ancestors of the Chinese Yellow River Basin and the Dongyi had a fierce battle, but in the end failed, most of the south were forced to move today's Guizhou and Yunnan in the vicinity of the minorities is a lot of this In the vicinity of the descendants of immigrants, while the remaining part of the Western Han Dynasty To keep a large number of Han Chinese south of the Central Plains (especially in Jiangxi Province), integration, assimilation, so today the formation of Loudi City in the Han nationality accounts for 99.9 percent of the national pattern.

Loudi in the Shang-Zhou Chronology at Jingzhou corner, when an Chu in the Warring States. Qin unified China, Loudi included in the official closure of the centralized system Qin's multi-ethnic country's territory, under the Changsha County has become an inseparable part of China. But it had been interesting is that the state administration of the territory of the two co-exist, that is relatively flat in south-east where most of the Qin naturalization, and in the northwest area, residents are still "only Chuiji Municipal, made off tattoo, Geng Tian has ap " Hiking, against Wang, known as "Meishan Man." Qin and his grass-roots organizations of the pavilion, where, even very different, as the dong. Legend has it that there are ten dong, who headed by "a leader of the left" and "a leader of the right" or "long dong", "Main dong." Dong help people and the Soviet Union, and Portland, Green, Zhao, Bu, as well as to avoid war moved to May To settle the family name Chen, Zhou and Liu, surnamed Luo, and so on, they do not belong to the Qin administration, like an independent kingdom. And the situation Xining Northern Song Dynasty until the five-year (Year 1072). In the process, on the one hand, the rulers of the feudal dynasties of Meishan areas blockade policy, the implementation of Ken Edge ban, the Chinese are not allowed to Dong exchange transactions, on the one hand, frequent Xingbing crusade. The first year of peace and rejuvenating the country (in 976 AD) Lai King to send troops to besiege the Meishan, the prisoners cut dong thousands of people; and troops to suppress the following year, the prisoners cut dong 20,000 people. However, "Meishan Man" back up, never yield too. Song Ren started, "Meishan Man" to take the policy of appeasement. Calendar 2007 (1047 AD), Liu Yuanzhen Zhifu Tanzhou sent into the Meishan, Zhao Fu dong more than 400 people. Jia You Dynasty (1063 AD), Zhang Jie Yiyang county magistrate court to advise the operators to open up Meishan, are not allowed to cancel and dong cultivated public sector Yiyang take place about the ban. Song Shenzong Xining three years (1 year 70), Hunan transfer Fushi Fan Qi Zou Qing imperial court, "Meishan Man," "an appropriate and counties of Jackson." Cai Yu Ji-Fu Shi transfer to Hunan, Zou Qing imperial court also called for "Meishan Man," "to make Shimin, dictate their fields, to help loan-to-slightly, so that the Health Industry, to build home town officials, so that the government has to know." Song Shenzong adopt Hill , To send Zhuan Shi Jinshan words. November this year, Meishan Guifu official of the Central Northern Song Dynasty. Song nationality of its people, a subject-object 14,809, 19,089 D (adult men), 260,436 acres of fields and set up in Meishan, the two town. Ap on the "Xinhua" and take "of Wang's landmark" meaning; under ap "Security" and check "Andrea" means.

Xinhua County Loudi into the territory of the establishment of the first county in the Song Dynasty under the Shaoyang County, Baoqing Road is the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties are Baoqing House. Loudi the territory of the other cities and counties along the peaks, Qin is a county of Changsha County, southern Hunan, after the Han Dynasty is a long-term Xiangxiang County. The source area of Qin Dynasty to the Eastern Jin Dynasty when most of the region belong to southern Hunan, Link Road, Xiangxiang, Zhao Ling, and other counties, the Northern Song Dynasty, all of its long-term area will belong to Xiangxiang, Shaoyang, security, Xinhua four counties. Louxing area from the beginning of the Han Dynasty, has jurisdiction to order Xiangxiang. Lengshuijiang Song in the area before the "Meishan Man", after the Song Xinhua County in a period.

In September 1977, the State Council approved the establishment of Lianyuan region (in December 1982 changed its name to the region Loudi, in January 1999 changed the city of Loudi level), then on, the rise of Loudi in Hunan, radiation Sanxiang, the beginning of a new historical era .

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