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Twelve Baoqing King - Chinese tourism scenic spots

First, two-Moon-ching. Moon located in the scenic two-ching-ching two-way Rocky pillar, the pillar by the Rocky, Gao Miao Tan, and other natural landscape and ancient temples, ancient Pavilion, ancient tablets, and other cultural component of a comprehensive scenic spot. As a result of Jiang's capital is located, water Shao junction named after the "double-ching." 1956 Shuangqing into the park. One pillar is Rocky Jiang funding stream into a little-shaped peninsula, such as high and steep peaks and steep. Wei Shi rocks, towering cliffs, at the foot of the Gaomiao Tam, blue-turbulent, the King was back to the Qing. The unknown peak, 17 years Ming Jiajing (1538) February, the governor Huguang care farms are reflected in its "red water, very strange," title was "the pillar Rocky", and to give Wulv "Kunlun roll of stone, flying Bijiang lip, Jia Jing floating on air, mid-stream to put this body, hanging up the house Qiao Jing, Tao Li Chun-fang point, do read Kuanglan color, water asked why God?" Zhifu Baoqing, following Deng had steadfastly in stone Rocky in the first column, this Yi.
Second, the six Spring Ridge. Six Ling, refers to the old city, Shaoyang in the southeast corner of the Tianchi, iron, hope , 61, star anise, Lutou (also known as Habitat I) 6 mountains. Tianchi in the mountains there are pools, 4:00 does not dry up, I later dug water, water does not come back. Hill for the ancient iron metallurgy, a foot of the mountain temple of peace, as the legend of the Tang Dynasty immortal Lu Tung-pin-mill Department. Look under the mountains in Cape Temple, a white crane Lutou foot of the mountain view and pool Cape drink, said to Lu sites. Six of the Song Dynasty in the top of the ridge to build a pavilion, entitled embroidered ya Valley View Pavilion, snow Cang Han Bi-ting, Chu Wangting (also known Xianting), booths apricots Gang (also known as Pavilion 61) Dan Jing Ting, On Chi-ting, after the decadent destroyed. Song Ning Zongjia set 12 years (1219), Liu Zhi, Shao security at the former site of the rehabilitation, and six booths in between House side of town. Maoxian lifting author of "House, while the town", and praised the six booths in the town side of the floor layout clever. Methodism Song Yun Zhao, who wrote the scenic areas, "Jiang Shan List," "Amidst the wonders of" horizontal inscribed board, has not kept. These stand on the pavilion, overlooking the Shihmen, Bai Yun Zhu Feng, picturesque green; down the last injection, dihydrate Shao, China's Bi streamer. Special Early spring is the season, with bamboo rain green, peach-by-style red, Smoke Xi Liu, Yan Ying chirp, the city searching for the spring of nirvana, it is referred to as the "six Spring Ridge."
Third, Longqiao iron rhinoceros. Longqiao iron rhinoceros refers to the pier at Tsing Lung Bridge and Iron in the waters of the Center for the rhinoceros, the city posed by the area. Jiuzhi set for the King of twelve Baoqing . Shao is the Tsing Lung Bridge across the water traffic links, Ning Tang Dynasty dry years has been built wooden bridge, destroyed by repeated floods. Baoqing Methodism in the early Southern Song Dynasty (1225 -) County Song Zhongxi change for the wooden bridge stone and iron rhinoceros at home in the upper reaches of pier to the town of Monster. To commemorate the remote collar defense, so that the Shao Yun Zhao Siwei Methodism to the emperor, named " Longqiao. "According to the position of the Eight Diagrams, the bridge in the east" earthquake "in ancient Chinese mythology, the god-shock to the" Blue Dragon ", after the demise of the Song Dynasty changed its name to" the Tsing Lung Bridge. "Qing Emperor Qianlong repair between Dongguan city gate tower, This bridge is located in Dongguan, Dongguan, also known as the bridge. Dongfeng in 1978 changed its name to the bridge.
Fourth, Luoyang-dong Luoyang is a hole ahead of a foot of the mountain caves, beautiful scenery, "Shao dihydrate convergence of its capital, Shishi twists and turns after the cave-Ming do not know by the end of the word intramural readable marks" (see light "Baoqing Chi House"). Luoyang has next to the hole well, has a clear head as a mirror, a long drought inexhaustible. Reported, the holes are well-Zhi Tong Yan San SAMTEC miss him in the Luoyang The pro-named, said it is "dong" and "Sin well." Baoqing Xie Zhi Fu-ming province, "Luoyang hole" poem: "stick to climb Jiuhua Li Ji, I do not know where it is Xianjia. Trounced the old spring, Furuki free evening light to ramp. Who knows Dan Ding years, the Portal long lock on haze . Longitudinal cents to a free, self-only Betau spring. "Ming Government vehicles have a great poem, "Danzao door even death, a total of Tan-white," words can be seen in the hole when the Ming Dynasty are still using the Alchemy fairy-ting, stoves law like a relic of the altar. V. Tao Heung-hole flow. Peach hole in the city of Seongnam effect Peach Blossom Village, Shao is a city karst larger phenomenon. Strange scene inside the cave, "evaded my head, such as water Such as overlapping waves, such as squatting tiger, such as Qi Xia, such as the old ice attention, condensed milk also covered stone "," Hong Chang Shishi, a number of soil Weimo respect, or upon or lying, Dan Deng, Shi Chuang. Top sinus lesions are round like a mirror, pariggaha daylight. "(See light" Baoqing Chi House "), on the ground floor inside the cave, there is undercurrent. Over the last hole before peach, peach blossom in the spring Open valve in the water, the river inside the cave, overcast, then Hill river after the outflow, it said, "Tao Heung-hole flow." Baoqing Qing Zhi Fu Fu Xiang-luan "Peach Blossom hole" poem: "You Pi Cezhang search, Ting Luo Zhao hanging alone, the peak danger Yuanxiu to, overlapping cut Dengkou Han Yan, flax must Chitose, three Chun Tao Rui fresh. Empty place names, Where to find fishing boats? "Peach Blossom Standing outside the huge, Qiaoshou roots, such as a little mushroom-shaped plume. SONG Jing-setting cycle (1264), Shao County Deng Mi "Gu Yun-kan," the words engraved on his, named after the "root-Yun Shi." Deng-Mi also wrote the ancient seal characters "Yang hole in Wonderland", "Dong Tao Heung-flow" of the two places in the hole carved.
VI Lianchi ancient incense. Love Lianchi North Road site in the city on the 6th Municipal Hospital. Song 2004 (1067) famous Confucian scholar Zhou Yongzhou to pass sentence Shao taken during the state of things in this kind of lotus pond production. Chi square, more than 10 acres wide, with profit-dry river. Zhou Chi for the masonry wall, ring-sik Chueiyang. Lotus pool Flap stacked floor, filling, but not really quiet incense, lotus root is not. According to , Zhou handed down the name "Ai Lianyue" is written here, called the result "Lianchi love."
Seven, Temple Xiao Zhong. After the peaceful town of Taiping Temple Lane moved to Dongshan, the Temple of the two combined for the House-Baoqing monk's preaching, known as the Pacific country say Dongshan Temple, referred to as the Temple East. Jiajingnianjian Ming (1522 1566) shift the county Department of the clock tower, "Jingtai bronze bell" on the inside. Every morning, loud bell Lvli spread far and wide in the street and funded, Shao Zhou fishing on the dihydrate. Zhang Ming Shi Lang Hyobu open with the "East Temple" poem: "You wind into the temple, the village of smoke in the first river. Zhong Qing Shu-down, quiet Yuhuatai flow of people, when guests look for some leisure, Monk asked retreat. Qing-yun Cup to the palm, this Hill to stay drunk. "
VIII She Xue Ji Lake. She Ji Snow Lake area in the outskirts of the rural east. Mountain, "Gao Ya-Jun large and difficult to climb, especially in the snow. Ji Qing board, specific landscape." Ming-Da-term politics "She Hushan" poem: "Ren Sheshan per cent more, over time Xueqing love. Plot And long days, light up Zizic condensate; Lin frequency to send thousands of color, Dayton Among a Myriad back to the position. Yang Chun boost Italy, Cheng Hui Ying-off speech. "Hill said," She Hushan small, "began in the Tang Dynasty. Tang Taoism advocates when, after the death of SAMTEC Chi, Shao state court order for the temple was built, at the age of worship. SAMTEC Chi practice seclusion of the Hushan She is far from the state government (this Shaodong She County Town), in order to facilitate worship, was built in the Shan Temple, She said Lake Temple, Hill is known as the small Hushan She gradually She known as Hushan. The Peak Tower has Pilu, the Republic of China, strong incense, the fall of each year, far and near to this pilgrimage the faithful pray in groups of flooded. Leizu a foot of rock, took the empty sound. There are rock Taiwan side, such as hanging a stone, stone under the water, as rain in the vicinity of the masses trillion.
Nine, God Beach night crossing. God beach suburb of New Town in transition. Water from the south-west of capital, to here to break the East, it is Jiang's broad face, a smooth flow. Old, where there are wooden boat Peng Yi crossing, and Yoshida 16 acres for the cross-yi spending, public Before the rise, leading to the southwest is the main crossing. According to legend, there are the mysterious ancient iron ship on cross-strait exchanges between the ferry transportation, there have been a fisherman on the cross next to a helmet, 0.5 meters long and weighing 5 kg, it said, "God Beach crossing." God cross the coast later Pavilion Beach. Every time the sun sets, Zhu Ting backed the clean water, for pedestrian crossing, the sound of human plasma , Sparkling, very beautiful scenery. Qian Ming Yang Tingfang matter of "God Beach night a" poem: "God Beach Road to look into the credit, in the cluster were to be cross Pingsha. Stifled River to empty Che-hung, Miao, Yuan Shu vaguely inclined sunset; Mingse fog led to a thousand miles , Organizations Jiangxia a broken voice shaking. Sophisticated one after another busy as ants, Sentimental Journey was not coming to China. "
Ten Genting YUE Ping. YUE Ping Shao new roof at the Longshan County in the north, which claims the same height and Hengshan Mountain, the peak sea of clouds often occur, it said, "Genting YUE Ping." This momentum towering Hill, Pinnacle peaks, rocks Shek Pik. North has stone lions, fairy stone, large square net Cheung Kei Chengkungling Dan Wang Kai, Mount Baiyun top; water tunnel before flying silver waterfall vacant Snow fell fly. Young South have Walled flag, tin hat Ridge, Lion King, like all water-lock. West Lake to the crows, cat-hole public, the Tsing Lung Bridge, features. Yan Wang of the Qing Dynasty scholar of "topping-out Dengyue" poem: "Lo climb straight up the peak, the peak power of a Bay Trail loop pass. Feibao dihydrate diversion, again and again the whole Wan Shan Feng Yun chaos, with people crossing the air E-peng, Haze to live outside the closed world. Looking back on the ladder are going through, the door to the afternoon before play clock. "
11, Baiyun Qiao hidden. Dolomite in the new county Shao Bai Yun Pu Cun Ju-mouth shop. Old, and here the "big steep gully, four Feiquan Note" and "hidden camphor trees, do not see the light", the "hidden Baiyun Qiao." Um feet of the original dolomite spent Um In Um, Um-top and customs, such as Long Ting total floor space of more than 2600 square meters, dozens of people Seng Tu, Tien Temple in the middle 50 acres, will yield a number of mu field, more than 100 acres of mountain. Worship of the Quartet, must not incense. Especially the annual Lunar New Year on February 19, June 19, September 19, the birthday of Guanyin, the Road and into Nirvana North Korea for height.
12, Shek Mun Cui Xian. Shao Shimenshan in the new county shop in San Tin and Longkou Creek Township at the junction of the two, also known as the Shihmen Beach. Jia Zhi Hill as the two doors, the narrow river banks, rock stands. Water injection through the meantime, the Pentium bluster, up four-foot high wave-chu, Shek Pik impact, thundering sound. At the turn of the spring and summer, Douzhang water, but also Jingtao Fan Juan, Wu Lang emptying. Ming-Da-term politics "Shimenshan" poem: "Yaokong thousand-li peaks, the two peaks to save Gaan, in the early spring rain washed Pitt, Asaka more into Dan. Urgency slip back in, stoning turbulent flight away. Dangers known for days, Vancomycin look at education. ", Tong River column has long gone. The establishment of People's Republic of China , The river after treatment, the navigation conditions improved. Still more bamboo in the mountains, a thousand waves Qing, Pinnacle peaks, the scenery is still different Li.

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