Sunday, January 18, 2009

Langshan scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Langshan Hunan Province is located in the new territory of the county. South connected with the Guilin, and Zhangjiajie echo the North, is the most typical Danxia Scenic Area, is the key national scenic spots and a national geological park with a total area of 108 square kilometers, Zixia jurisdiction dong, Fu Jiang Yi, Luo Tuofeng , Walled Fortunearia, Ba Jiaozhai the top five spots Unique geological structure, mountain, water, forestry and seamless hole.

  There are Xingshenjianbei of General Shi, Luo Tuofeng the vivid, uncanny workmanship "Lane the best in the world", making day to set up the sea whale downtown, the most magnificent of Tianshengqiao in Asia, towering and very realistic Pepper peak, which Is a stunning six Langshan no, this is the nature of Langshan a gift, not everyone is unique in the world.

  Langshan also multiply the growth of silver fir, Davidia, the South China tiger, cloud leopard, indica, giant salamander, and other rare animals and plants, but also Langshan's natural beauty adds unlimited Smart and angry. There have unearthed 10 years The monkey skull fossil, in 4500 prior to the Neolithic sites, Thanh Hoa Zhaibao the peasant uprising, the late Qing Liu Kunyi Sydney, Liu Changyou, Jiang Zhongyuan the shrine, the burial, colorful ethnic customs, there are well-known Fu Hua mining, the Ming Dynasty County Chenyong You left a "Fu Yi (New Gu Chen Ning) Sedum achievements, photo Return of the sleep-frequency stick "reputation, left a well-known Ai Qing," Jia Tianxia landscape of Guilin, Guilin Tour landscape Langshan "sigh.

  Langshan since ancient times "Five Ridges are hot, pleasant Langshan alone," said her four seasons, Dongnuanxialiang. The territory of national, provincial Link, transport, service facilities, is the tourism and leisure, summer vacation, scientific exploration, an ideal place for exploration adventure.

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