Sunday, January 18, 2009

Comrade Cai Hesen Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The library is situated on the road with the revival of Shuangfeng Xian City College Road, on July 1, 1987 into the opening, with a total construction area of 1624 square meters, the main entrance is at the top of Marshal Nie Rongzhen wrote "Comrade Cai Hesen Memorial," Hall places. Museum Square before Cai Hesen, the erection of the monument to 9 meters high, handwritten inscription by Chen Yun Write, the top level for the conduct of Comrade Cai Hesen statue.
Comrade Cai Hesen Museum has on display from the young to learn the hard times for life-long struggle of the Chinese revolution, cultural relics, photographs, books and so on more than 140 pieces. March 30, 1995, the centennial anniversary of the birth of Cai Hesen, the former House Cai Hesen, Xiang Jingyu, Chang, Hao Ge Jian four ground-breaking crowd plastic foundation. In the same year, the museum has been identified as patriotism education bases in Hunan Province.

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