Sunday, January 18, 2009

White-tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Shao-dong of the new county seat is located 12 km to the north, is located in the territory of high-Xiang. White Cave holes is not, but a general term for the canyon scenic resort.

  10 km deep canyon, according to Shao new to the county records list: cast iron inside a pavilion, stone tablets Um, rock moisture, Hanbi Temple, water-, silver-Tao Xia, falls , The mirror stone, Luo Yan, such as pool, known as Whitewater Ten. There are peach and South Um, the calendar for the spots.

White hole protect the mountains, the two Shan Shi rely on a circuitous loop, falls in streams, the shape of the hole, water, such as silver white, so-called Whitewater.

  White water depth over 20 holes, beautiful scenery, towering mountains. "Baoqing Chi House," recorded inside a cast iron pavilion, shiting film, Om stone, rock moisture, Hanbi Temple, water-, silver-Tao Xia, Stephen Falls, stone mirror, Luo Yan Chi, and so on. So-called "white water Ten." South Peach have Um, according to legend are different from the Song Dynasty monk home here, all over the peach seed, for the calendar spots.

  White Water from the hole diameter Tangxi North Valley seem like mountains, Wan Qu coil, gurgling water, do not get funny. Metso is a stream of cross-strait pen peak, steep in a critical situation, the nib shape, depth of Wuli, there is a temple, said the stone tablets Um, right turn a few hundred paces, and suddenly I do not Dongtian, like buildings, such as Ping mirror, which is the village of White Water, Environment Beautiful, like a victory for the Peach Blossom Spring .

  So far failed, the television mountain, a wonderful scene one after another. First, the water rocks, water from tens of meters high on the rock fall, like a broken string pearls, BUZZ sound, rock Chihiro Celi. Transparent crystal, jade white. Since then, Deng and Shek Pik, is unfathomable Tao Yin of the gorge.

  By water Stone impact, set off one-meter-high waves, such as the Voice of Men Lei, and then move forward, is the magnificent waterfall of white water. Jianshui down from the plug on the Shek Pik, Wan Si Galaxy diarrhea, Fanjuan flowery, colorful, secluded empathy, the left-hill, Xie Guan Xingtai intermediary sites, Luo Yan Chi-dong right there and then have to move Shui Liandong Dresser, from Yixian Tian Jing. Luoshan is also ten reservoirs, over and over tsugae, the birds into rhyme.

  White Su-deep hole, natural beauty, water quality Qinglie, pleasant scenery, is a natural tourist destination.

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