Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tiger Katayama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tiger Hill-distance longhui town 105 km north of the border Longhui County, there is a dangerous deep Grand Canyon, where territories did not field, there is water there is stone, desolate and uninhabited, but there are venomous snakes appear beast; it mysteriously , Dangerous problems. In the canyon, hanging by the magnificent waterfall. And Guizhou Huangguoshu Falls, there is no water, plenty of Dayaoshan Grand Canyon Falls, there is no momentum here Bang Bo; can be said that no water Huangguoshu Hill; Zhangjiajie mountain water; Jiuzhaigou mountain water is not customs, Katayama Dayaoshan tiger and the Grand Canyon but both of these characteristics, which have almost - Gerry Shannon of all those features, it is a tranquil, remote Land, the South has a rare source of high natural scenery and the transparent surface of the original human-induced clearance of life.

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