Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zhoima Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A recent inspection tour of the Working Group on the snowy plateau in northern Tibet's Nagqu County accidentally discovered a fairyland on earth, such as the United States and the green corridor - Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area. 230 km away from Lhasa's old cell Nagqu County Rural National Highway 109 from the territory of 11 km, a working group study unexpectedly found a canyon With, although here about 4700 meters above sea level, but Cang forest green, light floral, Huguangshanse vitality. If the United States because she Ficus erecta, which is why we called her "Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area." Zhoima Canyon scenic north-south were a total distance of about 15 km, is the side of the towering snow-capped mountains, snow-wrapped, like a fairy Prix A pure-white hada; side of the bush is a verdant, Baihuiyixiang vitality. Not all the year round of the snow-capped mountains of ice melt has become clear a valley between the mountain. "There are always four seasons, different days Shiliquan" Summer of Zhoima Canyon charming scenery, magnificent anomaly, the former Canyon wide prairie like a huge carpet of green, Then the guests from afar. Before the line drive that green corridor, as if into a Shangri-la, spotless clean air, you feel good sense. Xuefeng in the top 100 have only eagle fly the Youth Pre-employment, on the eastern side of the hill in groups Ye Yang, Ye Yang feeding play. Marmota Himalayas, the hare, lively Ochotona With you before, as the crowd after another white clouds, wandering in the vast grassland. Into the depths of the canyon, "a plateau in Pinghu," Zhuang King will appear in your eyes, blue sky, clear water, snow-capped mountains painted a peculiar set of snow-covered landscape. Here can also be realized that modern glacier erosion of the special landforms, Xun phosphate rocks, caves Cloth, uncanny workmanship, charming and magical left many moving legend. Karma sect of Buddhist monks and nuns to move to this practice Jiansi, wishful thinking with possession of secret immortal Gong attracted numerous Buddhists come to worship, this famous Shenshui Kamiyama, with two 800-year-old temples so that they Here has added a bright The human scenery. Away from the fireworks here on earth, far from the harassment of the earth, is a natural scenery and ethnic customs of a piece of pure land, is a scientific research expedition with the tourism side of the world. Summer's world Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area is a rare summer resort. With the completion of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Nagqu County will have Joint development of the human, natural scenic spots. Zhoima Canyon scenery will be opened in a few days of her mystery, Xiao Ying Quartet guests.

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