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Nyingchi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linzhi in Tibet, known as south of the Yangtze River to the world's deepest canyon - the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, said of the world. Described as a Linzhi in the world for the few remaining humans set foot in one of the Pure Land, has been study tours, adventure of the Holy Land, at the same time, which caused inconvenience to the tourist traffic. Chi is located in the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River in southeast Tibet, with an average of about 3,000 meters above sea level, located in the town of Bayi, the capital of Niyang River, the region is the political and economic and cultural center. The main scenic spots are Niyang Valley Economic Area, Palongcangbu River area. Men Bazu or Nyingchi, Lhoba and other ethnic minorities living in the land-old As well as the culture of Tibetan Buddhism and the Bon popular, so that the Nyingchi have a lot of cultural, and?????, Zangbo Grand Canyon, Basongco Chayu and wrong, such as Bomi, together constitute the Nyingchi magical scenery.

  There are hidden is called the Lotus From the county is still the only areas inaccessible by road, there's Xiongjun Namjagbarwa and white gala base peaks from the summit between the two to break through because of the world's most dangerous up to the canyon - Blair Lu cloth possession of the Grand Canyon. Dangzhou torrential rivers, cliffs Shen Jian snake, you are scientific, and drifting exploration of the Holy Land. Three middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River valley, one of the Nyingchi Niyang River Valley, the development of a long, well-developed agricultural, and temple tablets Shenghu many Kamiyama, walking here will plateau tea garden, but also in Millington, the cloth and other places of the Millennium ancient sky high Berlin to roam in, you enjoy the possession of the farm economy of the South great place to go. Luo Ba, bus doors and other ethnic minorities in order to make a living hunting, hospitality bold, original folk customs are simple, cottage in the bamboo shelter at a time when Fangge Baiyun Mountain, in the hot spring bath flowers, you are into natural, and cleaned up the dust and the mountain's dream trip to choose. Nyingchi on the history of the earliest written records found in the work cloth inscribed with the first Mumoyadan. The stone is located in Nyingchi County district on the door wide for a long time by Yongzhong village near the west-southwest, has 1,200 years of history, writing is still clear. Above the record this history. Cameron's first generation of tribal leaders Chan Chi Nie , Bomi came from the public's strong due cloth Kamiyama, from the beginning of his career, Cameron tribal leaders, before and after going through a total of VII, to clear streets for the emperor in full possession of the South Wada Zi Qing Palace. 1 year of the century before and after Cameron as a result of tribal power struggle between Jun, the seventh generation of leaders only PO Gong was killed and his two Red Prince Nie and fled back to the summer red Cloth area. Later, his younger brother from the summer of red cloth workers to return to Cameron, Cameron became the eighth generation of tribal leaders pu-gong, and the brother Nie red cloth workers were kept in the areas Burkina workers who become leaders, workers began cloth soil followed the King. Stone: "Public Works Department royal cloth in a Hajime Wang Xiong," never to work for the family name Wang cloth, the only public life cloth Descendants of the hereditary. "Cliff piece of stone is the king of the 8th century AD Chek Chan Alfredsson (? -815) Banci cloth to the work of Wang vows instruments for Leshi and discipline. Since then, many workers in the region by workers cloth fabric Wang rule .

By the time Sakya and Pazhu period (13-16 century AD) Nyingchi Prefecture of Tibetan Buddhism has become a sphere of influence were Gamagaju. Year of the 17th century Gandan quite Chapter regime established by Nyingchi Prefecture Packet Ngapoi for Jiang, a few local leaders, such as Latin America's territory, soon after the establishment of the division of Latin America is that sleep Mu, ciguatera, and so on up to Jiang's case. Bomi and local, long-term soil for the UAE round Tanganyika Rule in the divided situation. In 1931, the local government of Tibet will Bomi places as sand waves, two Bomi and Medog County were changed to the region.

In May 1951 of Tibet's peaceful liberation, democratic reform in 1959, in January 1960 to set up the agency tower workers, the same year On Nyingchi into the agency. In October 1963 to withdraw the agency Nyingchi, Qamdo area was placed under the Bomi County, Nyingchi, the cloth up to Jiang, Millington, 4 Medog County of Lhasa for under the jurisdiction of the Nyingchi area no longer exists. February 1, 1986, the official resumption of Nyingchi Prefecture Administrative Office, under the jurisdiction of the Nyingchi, Millington, the cloth Jiang , Medog, Bomi, Chayu, Long County, 7 counties, 55 townships and 614 administrative villages.

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