Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wen cloth Township - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nagqu from more than 500 kilometers, after Bangor, the wrong color Lin, Wen came to the Xainza County Rural cloth, known as de Jalan Yong wrong. Ministry of the village over the United States and made the evening. Bai Yun wind around the fruit Darfur snow-capped mountains, emerald-like blue when the heat Yong measures leaned in close to total fruit, Sheng Hu Kamiyama exclusive care of the Ministry of the village at this time of smoke curl upwards The rich flavor of the ancient stone villages in the Garden of Eden was on the roof of a modern legislation on industrial products shell thermos bottle, but it is not a decoration, but be a cause of religious artifacts - turning a barrel. By the turn of those barrels in the next lap and wind have been around from right to left turn

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