Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rural camp - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nyingchi can push - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - a long cloth Lama Temple - Nyingchi Prefecture in the town on August 1 by the large Watanabe sent to the rural card castle, here is the entrance to the Grand Canyon, and then as straightforward to Gega, of farmland along the Tibetan village Peach blossom in full bloom in the spring, the slope colored azaleas Zhuiman branches, the backed-Jun-wei of the snow-capped mountains????? At the same time, overlooking the Grand Canyon torrent of imports, the ability to appreciate and take into account the?????, long glacier get the best view, be able to see a magic lake, cut stone peach tree, the devil in the first, scenic spots, such as stone skeleton. In straightforward and can look at the bottom of the canyon on foot to Tai Yajiang rapids, or meadow in the village on horseback to see snow-capped mountains in the afternoon to leave back to the Grand Canyon Chi, back to the passers-by can visit the Lama Temple, and cultural understanding of the reproductive worship

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