Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bomi Township - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bomi Bomi Township Nature Reserve Township Nature Reserve, located 22 km west of Bomi County Department Palongcangbu-South sorrowful, with a total area of 4600 hectares, the protected area of about 2700 meters above sea level. Here by mountains and rivers, trees all over the slope to this valuable spruce trees, mainly pine. Spruce forest as a whole is growing , Tall trees where they stand, there are bust more than 4-5 meters, 80 meters per hectare standing volume of up to 3,000 cubic meters. Spruce wood soft light, texture-straight section small and easy processing, is a very good buildings, bridges, box board, such as timber. Spruce wood have a good performance resonance, is widely used in On the manufacturer. Bomi Kong nature reserve, not only of spruce, and high yield, spruce forests in northeast China's output of 4-5 times. At the same time, than in North America, Western Europe and other coniferous forest, the world's rare bio-production. Here to go sightseeing, scientific investigation of the best season of a year By the end of March, early April and nine, in October. If, by the end of March, early April, who drove along the drive leading to the Palongcangbu River Nature Reserve of the road, roadside flowers in full bloom in the wild peach, so that you dazzled, very surprised, a little window to open the Hong Peach Air blow against our faces, Naoto nose so that your drunk on , The car had to stop, pick up the camera to shoot a few wonderful scenes photos, and a deep absorption with a few peach aroma of fresh air. 9, 10 months in the fall, this place has been cooked wild peach, down from the floor of Xiantao, can be seen everywhere, cattle, sheep, pigs and eating free Xiantao. The Health and the United States and peach color, very sweet to eat, but found almost no one. In the protected areas of spruce forest, so that you are more surprised. As the spruce grow too high, too rough, too, into the woods of the total center of the body feel a lot smaller than usual. Local people have such a legend: people who can not wear Spruce Lin Fu Xin With, not pay attention to wear Fuxin into the Strip, will be the hidden mountain goddess, life can not come back. Legend legend attributable to the fact that it spruce forest area and density, too, pay no attention will be lost.

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