Tuesday, December 30, 2008

County Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibetan plateau in south-eastern border of the motherland, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, an inaccessible place, although located near latitude 29 degrees, but it has a unique natural environment of tropical biological type, which is famous County Nature Reserve, covering an area of 62,620 hectares.
County, the Tibetan word for "flowers", beautiful scenery and rich resources so that it does not live up to this reputation.

County back?????elevation of 7756 meters, 7151 meters above sea level is the side of good white la base peak, 750 meters above sea level the lowest in the region, 40 from the level of Yu Gong , Elevation 7,000 meters up to form a typical alpine valley landforms, two more than the formation of the hanging valley between the river and linked to the size of the falls, there have been spectacular gorge strange gap. As the barriers for the northern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, plus the east-west mountain ranges of cold air to stop, in the 1100 meters below the river valley high temperatures, in Both the temperature reached 20 ? above, in particular rich precipitation each year up to 2500 mm or more, rainfall up to become one of the regions.

Falls, Tengqiao, Liusuo County is the most characteristic landscape. Hill County, and more water, also falls, some thin and delicate, such as falls Jilvqingsha, Shek Pik on relief from falling down, the water was a collision of rock fragments and continuously into the mist, floating in the mountainside; some water falls ......

  County has a unique climate. From the Bay of Bengal in the south of the Gulf Stream, along the Brahmaputra valley and Su Liu, in the northern mountains have been blocked in In the formation of warm air. Therefore frost-free winter here, summer without heat, with an average annual temperature is 20 ?, do not apparent at the Four Seasons, only the wet and dry sub-quarter. Protection of the abundant rainfall in the region, with an average annual rainfall in more than 2500 mm, more rainfall in China is one of the regions. This is the Tibetan plateau with other parts of the climate Be very different.

  County Nature Reserve, an area of 460,000 hectares, is a natural museum of natural history. Unique geography and climate, so here's a natural park of rare animals and plants. In addition to the Nature Reserve 4,000 meters above sea level plateau above the horizon, almost all covered by dense forest. Protected areas are More than 3000 kinds of higher plants, there are rare plants unique to 17. There are many wild animals, listed as state-level rare animals will be 42. One type of animal protection: long-tail monkey, snow leopard, black deer, red cranbrooki, the clouded leopard, hornbill, a tiger and so on. In India, Southeast Asia in order to see the birds, Spotted Dove, Red-billed Leiothrix, chest and the sun, and other birds in the protection of the region can see.

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