Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Umeki cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang cloth at the junction with the Palestinian Qingxian, halfway up the mountain cave in the hole, the hole with a CD-unfathomable deep, 1.5 km away from the hole, is well-known to pilgrims, said here can be a symbol of more than 500 kinds of magic. In addition, this area there is a "Shenquan" Legend of the Dragon King for medicine, can cure all diseases. The main cave Of three caves, the smaller of the two is not too much of the rock composition of the hole. One of the bow and arrow similar relics, the legendary King used to bow, after this storage. Umeki main hole for hole, from the foot of a mountain climb on foot to be 20 minutes. Wide hole, each about 10 meters high. A hole about 2 meters, diameter of about 2 meters below the giant ice , Dong Ding whereabouts of the water there, expansion of the ice in winter, and sometimes plug the hole as a whole. On the right side inside the cave, one of about five meters deep pit, Hang Hau, about 10 meters in diameter. Inside a small hole, about one meter high five, 2 meters wide. Cave stalagmites can be seen, the pillars. Heavy damage, can barely inside the hole, which has become sufficiently large to accommodate a few 100 people, more stalagmite pillars. Is in front and two deep, unpredictable, cast a stone, to hear echoes of about 10 meters deep on the right side and about half a meter high, five one-meter wide hole into which suddenly, the gradual change , Who can walk upright. Chu Dong, and then through the right side, A hole about one meter high, to be leaned through. After entering, and gradually increase, the stones may form different kinds of animals and plants, and some like "Master Padmasambhava" Zuoxiang ... ... It has been said to be inside the cave and not at the end of a three-day visit.

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