Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When hung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

When hung, Qiangtang most of the ranch when the plump-hung, the northern gate of the city of Lhasa, Tibet is located in the south of the border with northern Tibet, 160 kilometers away from Lhasa City. When hung, the Tibetan word for "elected a good place," US-grass prairie is the Qiangtang fat sheep ranch, Lhasa City, the only pure county animal husbandry. When hung inside the average height above sea level 300 meters, the cross-county nyainqentanglha Hill, with a total area of 12,000 square kilometers. Damxung County in Lhasa City is the focus of the county animal husbandry, rural six-county jurisdiction of the two towns: Uma Township, Yong-in rural, public and Tang Xiang, Ning in the township and rural Geda, Hu Xiang-satisfied, and the town of Yangbajing When the song cards in the town. 29 village committees 1 2 villagers group, the total number of county 7442, the total population of 40,168, of which animal husbandry 37,616 of the total population 6312, the county's population accounts for the vast majority of Tibetans, there are other ethnic Mongolian, Hui and Han. Each year in May to October, when all grass-hung The most beautiful season. Is the distance of a thousand miles along the nyainqentanglha Hill - clad in silver armor, wearing a crown of ice, snow-wrapped, to the foot of large swathes of green grass, white sheep, black cattle during the Sala. Qinghai-Tibet Highway as a black streamer from the southern slope of Hill at the foot of the winding through. Sunny days, when travel-hung Bright and sunny, layer upon layer of clouds Xu Yun Guiqi volatile, Jingying holy mountains in the transpiration Danyan in heavy fog into the mountains like overseas, and large swathes of the foot of the mountain slope of the green sheep, as a wrap Li Li A bright pearl, surprising moments of intense emotion, not a people do not hold your breath to feel the magic. When hung in the main livestock to goats, sheep, yak, Pianniu, cattle, horse as the main breed, there are animal products butter, meat, milk, wool, cashmere, hides and so on. To slaughter every winter season, hung in when all the best to buy beef and mutton, butter Lhasa on the market and many of the beef and mutton from the Qiangtang they are sent to the grassland. When hung in the vast grassland, but also the growth of valuable medicinal plants, such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, Fritillaria, the list of ephedra, Rhodiola, the snow lotus, gentian, Gansui, HUANG Mao, and many others. Damxung County is rich in wildlife resources, Tibetan antelope, wild donkey, argali, Marmota, hare, and so on; a large number of Health of large predators, such as the vulture, leopard, wolf, and so on; there is a huge number of small omnivorous animals, such as frozen chickens, ducks, swans, black-necked cranes, pheasants, foxes, weasels. These precious animal resources in the maintenance of grassland ecological balance plays a very important role.

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