Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nyainqentanglha - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yingwu God nyainqentanglha mountain and its dependencies lover of life and death - Nam Co, the local people have been known as the "Holy Mountain", "Sheng Hu." Nyainqentanglha Damxung County is located in Shan Ning in the middle of rural areas 7117 meters above sea level, is wrapped in a snow-Xiong Feng, Feng Jie Chengbing Peak, the rock halfway up the plot, for the foot of a mountain Singapore, Tibet's main channel - the Qinghai-Tibet Highway from the southern slope at the foot of the adoption of Kamiyama. From different angles to the main peak look into the distance - nyainqentanglha peaks form see different Bingfeng nyainqentanglha Snow Mountain is the best place to watch the Nam Co Lake Tashi Peninsula, such as Temple, the Temple just be read as well as green Tanggula vein Along the edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway.

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