Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kamiyama Sejila - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sejila Hill County is located in Nyingchi to the east, a mountain range nyainqentanglha is Niyang River Basin and Long Pago zangbo River watershed, across the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. 4728 meters above sea level boats in the Department of Yamaguchi, considerable sunrise, sea of clouds, the broad view and Lin Jun?????majestic beauty. Sejila up the western slopes Cunpang of the day, sa, Tibet is the teaching of the Holy Land, one of Tibet's four major Kamiyama, Hill came here to worship, steady stream throughout the year, believers from all sides. Tibetan calendar every August 10, but also to hold a grand scale to the Hill, known as the "Mother crisp Blazy" (to please God meant for Bao). Sejila is the most well-known is that the mountain is covered with azaleas in the hole. Sejila mountain area of azaleas, and more varieties, in full bloom during the great momentum, great scenery spectacular. All over the world there are about 850 kinds of azaleas, there are about 460 kinds of our country, of which 170 kinds of Tibet, the world's species of azaleas one-fifth of the Nyingchi County, the regional Sejila Hill, an elevation of 2900-5300 m over the scope of azaleas in a straight line distance measurement, covering an area of more than 1000 square kilometers, as many as 25 varieties. Sejila mountain azaleas in mid-April that by the end of June, from the foot of a mountain top in order to open. In particular, into the In June, Zheng Zuoshan on all the azaleas in full bloom, yellow, white, purple, red, Qian Hong, pink, and so on, all kinds, thousands of form to spend the mountain, the sea of flowers, the vast spectacle of great momentum.

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