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The Kingdom of sites zhang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang capital of the Bon religion, according to legend was known as the Silver City Qionglong, Qionglong Alizhada in this territory. Zada soil in the forest does have a lot of early human cave ruins and rock paintings. Nagqu in the Ministry of Nyima County, not far from the Office of the rural poor there were large areas of the site, also known as the capital of the zhang lies. When the poor were in the vicinity of Jalan Yong Benzene is the most important Hindu god of the lake, the lake keep this one was built in a cave in the cliff temples - Temple-yu, according to legend Bon for the oldest temple, incense Yousheng.

Zhang from Bon. Bon contained in the history of the founder of the Xin zhang-around is the first generation of Wang. Poor areas were up to the middle of mountains to the west of fruit, regulation The impressive group of the site back up fruit in accordance with snow-capped mountains, west as Jalan Yong wrong, magnificent terrain, rich capital of the Kingdom of momentum. The total site area of 1 square km, it is a brief account of risk and a big squat Shibao cottage. Due to the approach of the Great Lakes, near the site of grassland obvious characteristics of the micro-climate, rainfall, lush pasture and rich quality of Baksh Seoul small goats, can be found here in northern Tibet herdsman off the tube.
Culture, Sports, were poor from the village about 20 kilometers by car to reach Nyima. Whether or not the above-mentioned two places are subject to verification of zhang, but they have one thing in common, that is to have a strong zhang range.

  Nima from the text A township about more than 100 kilometers, about 3 hours by car and more. Wen cloth seat of the township government, it was inconceivable in the lake, such as jade-like green dome when the wrong side. This beautiful highland lake millions of years ago and when Jalan Yong is wrong with a mighty ancient lake, the dry weather, the declining water level, leading to Lake Separated into two. When the dome from wrong when the southbound Jalan Yong wrong, that is, the road was in the lake in the world.
  Were poor from the Office of Rural Culture, Sports, about 20 kilometers, is located in the fruit reached the middle of mountains to the west, about 1 square km area of the site that is the Kingdom of sites zhang lies. Shanbi sites along the Royal Palace is the day Defense, some area with high stone rammed sandwich. At the top of the relatively flat and there is a great trench, a relic of the An Dao. Shanbi things stand at both ends of a huge wall of earth and rock structure of the debris, a few meters high, can be seen on the city defense was solid. An Dao has basically collapsed, but managed to pass a Andao detected Palace, a single Shanbi Wall. This large-scale ruins of the group back up fruit in accordance with snow-capped mountains, Canyuanduanbi such as sculpture still in the air, and words of the ancient low against the vicissitudes of history, so that you could not help but imagine it is striking between former glory. Bon poor were also a Kamiyama, is said to be a circle Raoshan Fukuzawa immeasurable, but bearing in mind that a counter-clockwise around to Zhang, the rise of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the western part of the 1990s, at least in the first six Tibetan alliance for two centuries, according to the same period of the classic Bon describes, this Ali, Ladakh (Kashmir area) and other places is "zhang" Wei heart of the Tibetan (Lhasa, Xigaze, Shannan, Nyingchi) and other places for Zhang-in "; multi-kang (Nagqu, Andover, Qamdo), for" zhang '. Almost the entire sphere of influence to include the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai cross, in some areas of Sichuan. Zhang is not, strictly speaking, only a large, strong tribal alliance. Since then, the Soviet Union border, emerging one after another in northern Tibet, Tibetan and Hill Gradually weakened the forces of zhang. Each of the three major inter-tribal war, as the three pillars of power. Zhang the last generation of fans show Lee King was Chisongdezan the collusion of their queen, in his Lake Festival when his assassination, has led to zhang demise.
  At that time, zhang already have a high degree of civilization, and has since created The text, and is the birthplace of the Bon religion. The ancient text and Kashmir and the cover next to the old Spectrum (India Kupang) of the associated text, zhang later than the text of the Tibetan language has emerged from.
  Zhang capital of the Bon religion, according to legend was known as the Silver City Qionglong. Qionglong Alizhada in the county, with this really Is a lot of early human activity than the cave site. In the Ministry of Rural this site is also known as the capital of which is zhang, the two local who is zhang capital, a matter of opinion. In any case, they are in the same zhang sphere of influence.

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