Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yangbajing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cold plateau of boiling hot springs is a major phenomenon Yangbajing also famous the world.
Tibet Plateau is located, the number of hot springs in the nation's number one. In addition to the general Yangbajain Hot Springs, also has the highest hot springs country, as well as rare and intermittent explosions Quan Spa, with a total area of more than 7000 square meters
Yangbajing geothermal areas throughout the distribution of a lot of hot water for power generation. Here have the country's largest geothermal power station, built in 1977 and co-operation between China and the United Nations and the construction of power stations, heat the hot water piped through to promote the turbines for the Lhasa area To cheap and environmentally-friendly power supply.

Yangbajing of the most beautiful time of day is early morning, as the air is still relatively cold, Yangbajing geothermal field of the total area filled with white mist, geothermal steam fields generated by huge corporations from the emergence of the lake, such as the worldly paradise.

If you are lucky, run into hot water Eruption, but also to see the boiling hot springs straight from the scene of the clouds, very beautiful and magnificent. The large number of hot spring water with hydrogen sulfide, a variety of chronic diseases have a therapeutic effect. The bath is a place of open-air swimming pool. As the water temperature is too high, need to 2 months after open-air cooling pond, where visitors can Bath. It's far from the surrounding snow-capped mountains can be seen in such an environment, hot springs, is a true enjoyment. Especially in the winter, jumped into the Hot Springs Village to see snow all over the sky, feel the romance could not go.

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