Tuesday, December 30, 2008

East Gela Dan Bing Talin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gela Dan Snow Mountain is located in eastern Nagqu Amdo County Rural Ma-fly auspicious days. Its height of 6621 meters, is the source of the Yangtze River. At the foot of the mountains to the east of it, there is one area of about 800 square kilometers of ice tower, known as the Gang Qiao plus bar (which means snow shengdeng cent). These Bing Talin, which have different shapes, some like Seiko The carved crystal towers, high-rise buildings at the foot of the mountain on the horizon. The sun flashing through the tower with colorful Guangzhu criss-crossing the entire ice-lam, has become a rainbow in the world. Block, a tall vertical wind tower reported pleasant ringing law, so charming scenery and snow do not really have a heaven and earth. Some like Bing-Feng Agate on the horse-like ears and symmetrical on both sides of that harmony, black and white stripe consisting of two gorgeous as nine eyes travel up from the water, but some, like a pair of huge and deep orbital time of the survey of this vast Of the earth, and some of the Bing-Feng similar to the shape of dinosaurs and hold snow frog, a word grotesque Bibi Yes. However, to say the most interesting is the depths of the ice-lam, seven-color light. Lin in the depths of the ice has broken a body of ice towers, remnants of its roots have a deep crack flashing from the ice cracks in a brilliant seven-color light, the colorful and unpredictable and fascinating. It is exactly what Wufashuiqing no one is the Pearl Mountain , Or Dragon King's palace of the gas-bao, or between heaven and earth so very good. Some ice melted through the bottom of the tower to form a number of clean and comfortable room of ice, hanging in front of many of the long icicle posed curtain, which entered Shaozuo moment there is a feeling as warm as in spring. So are thousands, dazzling ice Lin is in the nature of ice thousands of years to shape plastic, belonging to the creator of the craft, can be regarded as unique in the world.

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