Wednesday, December 31, 2008

County Faso - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sok County is located in north-eastern Tibet, Nagqu area in the Northeast, the upper reaches of the claim Nu song Valley. Area of 5986 square kilometers. 4.1 million mu of cultivated land, forest area of 35.9 hectares, 52 million mu of grassland area, demand Tibetan word for "Mongolian." During the Yuan Dynasty, said that with "oblast" Ming Dynasty " Zhuang ", the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Guifu in Mongolia and special items of the Department of Gushi Khan, in 1732 the Qing government was placed under the jurisdiction of the local government of Tibet, Tibet in 1751 under the direct jurisdiction of the minister. Faso in 1960 the establishment of the County People's Government. County House Gaqie in Tong.

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