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Tashilhunpo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xigaze is far from the road, you will be able to see west of the Tashilhunpo Jinding sparkling in the sun. After nearly five centuries of wind and rain Tashilhunpo, it is still magnificent momentum, brilliant colors, sacred and solemn temples erected in the city of Xigaze to the west of the mountains Nyima.
Zhashen lembu , Also known as the "auspicious Sumeru Temple", Xigaze region's largest monasteries, Drepung Monastery in Lhasa and, Sera and Ganden Monastery, as well as the Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai and Gansu Province in the south of the Monastery of the Gelugpa side by side for six Large temples.

  Tashilhunpo the first disciple of Tsongkhapa by the Dalai I root in the Palestinian Dudjom 1 With the topic of 47 years to build. In 1600, four Panchen Lama Lobsang Gyaincain Kyrgyzstan indeed any Zhashen the auspices of Columbus, on the Monastery for a large-scale expansion. Tashilhunpo heyday, when a total of 3,000 rooms, more than 5,000 monks and monasteries under more than 50 seats, more than 30 ranch estate. From the fourth Panchen Lama, Panchen Lama are in Zhu Xi Ci Si for. The total size of the Tashilhunpo Jinding 14, Zhacang 4, Hall 56, housing more than 3600, more than 800 monks, with a total area of 300,000 square meters.

Tashilhunpo Monastery, founded in September 1447. 1 46, his eighth of Tsongkhapa, the Dalai Lama I root Dudjom Pakistan to commemorate the death of the division by the Greek Sengge Rao, to engage in Tibet, Nepal craftsmen in Xigaze a fine of 2.7 m high gold-plated Buddha statue . To place like this, the root Dudjom Pazhu regime in Pakistan with financial support, in the year to open in September 1447 To start construction of the temple, which lasted 12 years will be created as the Monastery at the indoor net.
Temple began to be known as the "Gang Jian Pei Code", which means the snow-covered Hing Temple. Later, Pakistan to root Dudjom changed its name to "Columbus Zhashen by Baji De Qin Tang has all her Nanba Jie Lin", meaning auspicious macro-owned Shu Sheng-feng Fuju Ogata state, referred to as Tashilhunpo, "check" auspicious Sumeru "was conveyed. According to historical records, the root is the Palestinian Dudjom after the Sakya Tibetan people, was also the first to spread after the Yellow Sect of Tibetan people. Later in the establishment of the Living Buddha reincarnation of the Dalai Lama System, he was the first that the recovery of the Gelug Sect Dalai Lama. Year in 1600, the Panchen Lama Lobsang four songs by the end Zhashen lembu At the invitation of the Monastery as the 16 non France and Taiwan. Since then, the Tashilhunpo become a history of the Panchen Erdeni and Zhu Xi.

Visit the main points
?Hall dedicated to 10th?
Dedicated to the memory placed the death in 1989, the 10th Panchen Master's body, his statue dedicated to an , Dedicated to the top of the Mandala patterns are painted on the walls are painted gold Buddha. It is said that in 1989 Master Panchen Lama in Xigaze of absence for a long time after the return to the Tashilhunpo, to see there are 3 main building, only the middle of an empty place, it is a pity, said. Did not expect a prophecy, he would in a few days after Xin And over the death, which he dedicated to the Hall on the amendment in place.
Dongling Panchen Lama is five to Jiushibanchan dedicated to the buried together, also known as Zha Shennan Czech Republic. This tower is built under the auspices of the 10th Panchen Lama, in January 1989 completion. 11.52 m high tower, tower separation put these Panchen Lama and the remains of Class IX Statue, they are presided over the Monastery. Four of the Panchen Lama dedicated to the most exquisite grand, in the reconstruction of the original V dedicated to the Panchen Lama Temple. The 10th Panchen Lama Temple dedicated to "address the Southern Song Jie", on September 4, 1993 to open into light, is the largest investment since 1949, dedicated to the construction of the most magnificent.
?Of the world's most Jampa statue of the Buddha?
Pakistan permitted strong is the root of the entire Temple of the most spectacular of a hall. Pakistan permitted strong built in 1461, 30 meters high, the hall is divided into 5 levels. Maitreya entire large hall was empty, in order to worship in 1914 Jiushibanchan Choekyi Nyima presided over the casting of the gold gilt bronze Buddha Jampa, 22.4 meters high, a middle finger will be 1.2 meters long, 11.5 meters Width, Angiopteris 1.8 meters high, with a total 26.2 meters high, is the world's largest seated Tongfo. This is seated with 279 kg of gold, copper and 115,000 kilograms, more than 300 tablets of pearl, amber, coral, pine and other valuable otolith Po More than 1400 stars, the only major Buddhist glabella, mounted on a large diamond, the head of the silkworm 30 diamonds, pearls and other precious stones more than 60 satellites, by 900 craftsmen spent 9 years of completion. Jampa large Buddha solemn shape of vivid, exquisite of the manufacturing process, reflecting the superb skills of the Tibetan people. ? ?Released back to the dog
There Tashilhunpo in a landscape that is not many dog owners are gathered here, it is said to be released back to the dogs, many of the temples in Tibet can be released back to see the sheep, and chickens were released. They leisurely basking in the sun, and people live together in peace. Animism and people cherish the idea of penetration in The hearts of individuals.

Tour routes
Pakistan permitted strong ??
Straight from the temple door, turn left on the uplink to reach the permitted Jampa, the Tibetan language is "strong Bakang" Jiushibanchan built in 1914, the construction area of 860 square meters, 30 meters high. Are enshrined within the permitted Zhashi The symbol of the monastery - Jampa Buddha. Hall is divided into five levels: level is Angiopteris Hall, second floor of the hall is the waist, the chest is a three-Dian Dian face is the four-story, five-storey hall is the crown, and each can see the Big Buddha Jampa different parts of the Big Buddha Jampa 26.2 m-high, 3.8 meters high Lotus, 22.4 m high Buddha, the Buddha face 4.2 meters, 2.8 meters long ears, nose, a capacity of adults, shoulder width 11.4 meters, a palm wide. Squint, 4.2 meters long legs. Glabella their set with a walnut-sized diamond. The wall is surrounded by thousands of red in the background of strong gold Buddha portrait of Pakistan.
?Hall dedicated to 10th? Pakistan is permitted east hall dedicated to 10th - to address the Southern Song Jie, that is, in the 10th to complete the V buried together Jiushibanchan remains, passed away quietly in their own tin - bar Shi Lunbu Temple. In 1989, Chinese Premier Li Peng signed the "construction of the Tashilhunpo is the first in the 10th volume does Macartney Ji Jian Temple dedicated to worship and the decision on September 20, 1990, the foundation dedicated to worship hall official start, which lasted 3 years, in August 1993 for completion. Release Southern Song Jie hall with a total area of 1933 square meters to 35.25 meters high. The main hall for the reinforced concrete framework, with granite structure, the Hall of the wall thickness of 1.8 M, 8 defense to the earthquake. The whole hall to the ancient Tibetan architectural style temple-based, to adopt modern technology and ancient-style combination of construction. This is the age of 50 years, the largest investment in the country's largest construction of a temple dedicated to. To this end repaired with State funds 64,040,000 yuan, 614 kg of gold and silver 75.22 kg, as well as many other building materials. Masters of the 10th Panchen dedicated to an area of 253 square meters, 11.55 meters tall tower, wrapped in Gympie, jewelry set times. 868 share precious stones, jewelry 246,794, there are a large meteorite, the amulet-13, 445 Amber Chinese Buddhist ??
10th Panchen Lama in front of the hall dedicated to Chinese Buddhist, was the order of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty built, is the Panchen Lama in Tibet and met with Secretary of State. The Hall of King Banci collection of the Qing Dynasty are the gold and India, Yu Sui and Tang dynasties, as well as copies at the time of the ancient Buddha statues and precious cultural relics, such as porcelain. Piandian also for the emperor million License.
Panchen La? ?Chapter
Continue east of a white palace, the palace is the Panchen Lama, is located on the Red Palace, has been the successive Panchen Master's residence, although the current structure was built in the time of the Panchen VI (1738-1780). However, it is not open to the public and interested persons from ten Dedicated to the Panchen Lama to enter the courtyard of the palace front of a few small hall.
?Four Panchen Lama Temple dedicated to?
Further to the east of the tall buildings are well-known song Kang Xia Temple, there are four Dian-zhong Panchen Lama (1567-1662) dedicated to the four Panchen Lama is Tibet's history, there is a very big contribution to the Living Buddha, the book is The Dalai Lama's teacher. He dedicated the first year of Emperor Kangxi Dynasty (1662), 4-year completion. Tashilhunpo is the first dedicated to the Hall. Dedicated to 11 meters high, the tower wrapped in silver paper, Bianshen mosaic jewelry, ornate carving, lively style. More than 2700 spent a total of two gold and silver more than 33,000 , Copper Duojin 78,000, more than 9,000 silk-foot, agate, pearls, coral coral, such as pine otolith total of more than 7,000 stars. Dianding dedicated to Chongyanxieshan Wading gold, the sun Illuminating Yao, very magnificent.
Chin hall? ?measures (Zhudian)
Further east is the main hall measures Chin, Tashilhunpo As early as the biggest construction. It is located in the center of the whole temple, a huge building complex. Founded in 1447, to be completed in 1459, can accommodate 3,800 people monks. Church hall in the bottom by large gold-plated statue of Buddha Sakyamuni Zhu Gong, 3 meters high, is the Panchen Lama of its four divisions hi Rao Sengge built. It is said that Body of the Buddha relic, but also the root of the Palestinian Dudjom and teachers around the West Senge's skull and hair were Aqaba. Zhu Gong as a Buddha statue on both sides of the disciples as the G-8. Is on the left side of the bottom in 1461 by Ali Wang funded the construction of the Pakistan permitted strong, Jampa Buddha 11 meters high, four on both sides of the Panchen Lama personally view of the plastic Monju and the like. The front hall is large by the Church, which can accommodate 2,000 lamas chanting prayer text.
Qin measures outside the main hall of the temple is preaching, is constituted by the corridors of the courtyard. Master Panchen Lama in the past here often to the all-monks were preaching a sermon. Lunch weekdays, lamas who will be gathered in the main hall by the school, under the Carried out by the debate. At the same time, there is also a Buddhist festivals and activities at the center. Standing there watching the monks and believers coming and going, do not have some fun. In the middle of the yard to erect a huge Jingfan, painted on the walls around the thousands of Buddha statue, looking in detail, none of the identical.
?Drying Knutsford?
I reached by the Dudjom root Pakistan was founded in 1468, has been 500 years of history. 32 meters high, 42.5 meters long, 3.5 meters thick, is divided into nine-storey, wooden ladder was linked to in-house. Taiwan is located in the north-east wall of Temple, on both sides of the frame to be transferred by the wind and Mo Yan Ma stone. Tibetan May 14, 15, 16 days here Were displayed in the past the Buddha, the Buddhist life and the giant Buddha statues in the future.

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